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Witch Journal is an online grimoire for all magic practitioners. Explore topics such as Moon Magic, Witch Spells, Crystals, Herbs, Types of Witches, Wheel of the Year, Witch Books, and more. 

You can also download and print comprehensive
Book of Shadows pages for your personal spell book!

What others say about Book of Shadows Pages


I love them! They have all the right information and the designs are super cute. I use them in both my digital and physical grim and I couldn’t ask for anything better!


I’m very grateful for all your hard work and designs. I think everything is beautiful.


I love the layout. The pictures and information provided are a perfect reference. Thank you for putting them together and sharing!


I love them!! Easy to follow, very informative and the design is gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing them with us 💜


I love them! My oldest daughter, she’s 13, does as well. She is just starting out as a baby witch and each page keeps her interested and ready to learn!

Witchcraft for Beginners

Witch Journal is full of tips for Beginner Witches! It is a platform focused on delivering reliable witchcraft information based on book resources and personal experiences.

Research your favorite topics, and learn something new today. 

Don’t know where to begin your witchcraft journey?

Merry Meet!
My name is Eva Maria

I help witches from all backgrounds and levels of experience find their unique way of practice. 

My mission is to provide valuable and comprehensive guides for performing magic and making things happen.

I am so happy that you are on this journey with me!

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