Welcome to Witch Journal,
a place of spiritual exploration.

Have you ever dreamed about being in a magical school, where you can do different classes on peculiar subjects? 

Would you like to start learning about magical uses of crystals and herbs, spirit animals, moon, astrology, tarot, numerology, and more?


My name is Eva Maria and I will be your guide in this etheric space.

Together we will discover the beauty of various natural phenomena and 
how everything is connected by subtle energy.

Let me take you through basics of elemental magic, chakras, 
crystal healing and ritual use of herbs!

And that’s just the beginning! 

merkaba study - eva maria


Even though this website is still in its beginning phase, you can find here useful information about herbs and crystalstypes of witchcrafttarot, and some printable grimoire pages.


Let me know how I can improve your experience!


By creating an online grimoire I would like to help beginner practitioners to connect with their potential and expand their current practice. 

This blog will help you find some points of interest and inspiration. But more so, it will allow you to trust your intuition and synchronicities that come your way!

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If you have any questions regarding your magic work, 

this site or would like to collaborate,

email me at: merkaba.study@gmail.com

and I would do my best to help you embrace your power!


I’m really pleased to meet you.


Eva Maria

eva maria merkaba study

I grew up surrounded by Nature with a free hand to explore it.

There was no better place than the forest, river, mountains, fields, and my own sacred spaces.


I used to take a blanket to sit under the trees with my sister, reading magical books to each other.


When I was alone, I collected rocks and twigs, made mixtures, talked to animals, wrote fantasy books, and made fairy gardens.

I could say, I saw and felt the things out of this world!


Because, when you are a kid, magic is just around each corner.


And then I slowly lost it.


Got tangled in the school life, and later in traveling.

Switched places and changed interests.


Back in 2012, I moved to England.

During that time I visited Stonehenge on a Summer Solstice.


And something just clicked at that moment!


I opened up to the possibility of learning and widening my horizon.

I started to be interested in self-development, yoga, Ayurveda, Druidry, mythology, alchemy, spagyrics, and magic.

It took me years to explore and understand various topics.


Connecting the dots.




It was like coming back to that childhood when all I wanted to do is to read, write, and share it with others.


So here I am, pursuing my dreams, living life full of exploring, passion, and creation.


If there is one thing I would like you to take from this reading, is that:


Travel in time to your childhood.

Imagine yourself in a place of free exploration.

What is that you enjoyed doing?

What was the feeling?

How could you bring that into your life at this moment?


Healing your inner child is important.


This will allow you to grow and understand your purpose.

Align and integrate your being, heal the past wounds, and create a better future.





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