2021 Blood Moon meaning || Spiritual Lunar Eclipse meaning in Witchcraft and Magic

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Blood Moon has a significant spiritual meaning in magic and witchcraft. It is believed to bring realizations and breakthroughs into our daily lives.

Blood Moon meaning depends on the zodiac sign that the moon is currently in. On May 26th, 2021, Blood Moon is going to be in the Sagittarius sign which puts a high emphasis on exploring, adventure, and following through your dreams.

Photography of Blood Moon

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Blood Moon meaning in 2021

On the 26th of May, 2021 people in the western United States, South America, parts of Australia, New Zealand, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and parts of South-East Asia will observe the total lunar eclipse (sometimes referred to as a Blood Moon). This is a very rare occurrence that happens during Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. It’s good to prepare some special Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse ritual for that matter. In the further reading, you will find a great example of such a ritual.

Is Blood Moon today?

If you’re reading this article on the 26th of May 2021, and you are based in the western United States, South America, parts of Australia, New Zealand, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and parts of South-East Asia, then yes, it is Blood Moon today!

What time does the 2021 Blood Moon start?

Blood Moon 2021 starts at 08:47 am UTC on the 26th May 2021. It will be visible in the western United States, South America, parts of Australia, New Zealand, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and parts of South-East Asia.

Lunar eclipse photography

Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on 26 May 2021

Super Moon appears when the Moon is the closest to the Earth. Total Lunar Eclipse means that the moon will be completely covered in the shadow of the earth.

This specific astronomical occurrence will be visible from the western United States, South America, parts of Australia, New Zealand, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and parts of South-East Asia.

What causes Blood Moon?

Blood Moons appears red because of the Moon being in the complete shadow of the Earth. The color may vary from bright orange, red, brown, or yellow. The longest and most spectacular colored Blood Moon appears on the Total Lunar Eclipse, which we can observe next on the 26th of May 2021.

How the blood moon affects us?

Blood Moon meaning can be described in a couple of spiritual concepts. It will shine the light on the Shadow Self as well as bring some transformational changes. Blood Moon assists with getting into alignment and reflection upon our life journey so far

When is the next Blood Moon 2022?

The next Blood Moon in 2022 is going to be observed on 15-16 May 2022 and November 8, 2022.

Photo of Blood Moon

Blood Moon Meaning in spiritual, Witchcraft, and Magic terms

When it comes to Blood Moon meaning in magic, witchcraft, and spirituality we need to focus on what gets illuminated during that time. Usually, the Blood Moon shines the light on the Shadow aspects of our psyche and things that might bring unexpected transformation.

This is the time when truths come out to the surface and we can focus more on our overall alignment with life.

A great thing to do during Blood Moon would be to reflect on our lives so far and how we respond to outer circumstances. Maybe some things are hidden and want to finally become released. Or maybe we feel that something holds our back from becoming the best possible version of ourselves.

During Blood Moon, the face of the Moon appears reddish in color. The red color in magic signifies energy, life force, health, strength, and vitality. Think about all these aspects when you try to work out the Blood Moon meaning in your life.

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What is Blood Moon Meaning - photography

Lunar Eclipse meaning in spiritual, witchcraft, and magic terms

As we talked about before, the Blood Moon meaning is the same as the Total Lunar eclipse. Here are some things that you might want to consider to do during the time of a lunar eclipse:

  • Think about the transformation that needs to take place in your life to become fully aligned with your Higher Self.
  • What are the truths that you are hiding from the world?
  • Which areas of self-development and improvement need more focus in your life?
  • How can you practice more self-acceptance?
  • How can you improve your connection with the Inner Child?
  • What emotional healing needs to be done to bring more harmony and balance into your everyday life?

Some people advise not to do any sort of magical practice during Lunar Eclipse as it can bring unexpected results.

Others think that the Lunar eclipse and Blood Moon can be used for protection, banishing, cord-cutting, and Shadow Work.

Generally, the time of Lunar Eclipse is good for introspection, reflection, and focusing on your own, inner evolution.

If you wish to free yourself from negative outer influences or habits, this is a good time to practice it.

You could also focus on Divination (see the tarot spread below) and the ritual of letting go of the old to make the space for the new things that follow.

Lunar eclipse meaning photography

Lunar Eclipse ritual

In this Lunar Eclipse ritual, we will put focus on ending the old patterns and making space for the new.

Below I prepared a free printable worksheet that you can use for that purpose (click here to download the pdf file).

In the first column, you will describe your desired outcome aka intention for the upcoming months.

Example: I wish to include more self-love into my daily life.

In the second column, you will write a list of 2-3 things that hold you back from achieving this desired outcome.

Example: negative self-talk and not finding enough time to nourish my body

In the third column, you will write the actionable steps to let go of the old pattern.

Example: I will stop complaining and reduce my time spent on social media to 30 minutes a day.

Now, after the Blood Moon (which occurs on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse) you will spend two weeks letting go of the negative patterns and preparing for the whole new start with the next New Moon.

For increasing the effectiveness of this Lunar Eclipse ritual you can put your printed worksheet in a place that you will see every day and act upon with small actionable steps for two weeks.

This ritual is designed to reflect upon your current situation and bring the desired outcome by eliminating and letting go of old patterns within the time of Waning Moon.

Lunar Eclipse Ritual Worksheet

Lunar Eclipse tarot spread

Divination is one of the safest things that you can try when doing magical workings on the Lunar Eclipse. In this tarot spread, we will focus on Shadow Work and embracing the unwanted parts of our being.

  1. What is the personal Shadow that I refuse to see and act upon?
  2. What action is needed to work on my Shadow Self?
  3. How would my life look like when I make friends with these Shadow parts of my being?
Lunar Eclipse tarot spread image

Books about Blood Moon meaning and Moon Magic

  1. The Moon Book: Lunar Magic to Change Your Life” – Sarah Faith Gottesdiener
  2. Moon Power: Lunar Rituals for Connecting with Your Inner Goddess” – Simone Butler
  3. Llewellyn’s Little Book of Moon Spells” – Melanie Marquis
  4. Lunar Living” – Kirsty Gallagher
  5. Luna: Harness the Power of the Moon to Live Your Best Life” – Tamara Driessen
  6. Moon Magic: A Handbook of Lunar Cycles, Lore, and Mystical Energies” – Aurora Kane

I hope that by the end of this article you will have a good understanding of Blood Moon meaning within spiritual, magic, and witchcraft terms. 

If you have questions on the topic of Blood Moon meaning and Lunar Eclipse in magic, let me know in the comments so that I can provide you with additional answers.


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