Cosmoplanner 2022 Review – Best Mercury and Moon Calendar

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Cosmoplaner 2022 is a Mercury and Moon Calendar that will help you to become more productive and focused on your goals. It features practical information on the Lunar Cycles and Mercury Retrogrades that allow you to align your life together with celestial energies.

I received two versions of this planner as a collaboration and a gift for an honest review.

 photo of cosmoplanner 2022 cover

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Cosmoplanner 2022 Specification

Tree Planted for every planner sold!

Features: Moon Phases, Mercury Cycles, Seasonal Tips, Wheel of the Year, Monthly Review, Daily Habit Tracker, Weekly Gratitude, New and Full Moon Blessings, Information Pages (Moon Cycles, Void of Course Moon), Planning for the Year, Monthly (Tips, Seasonal Ideas, Foods, Review, Journaling Space, Tracker), Weekly (Type of Energy, Gratitude, Moon Phases, Void of Course Moon), and more!

Timezone: UTC/GMT zone. Northern Hemisphere.

Size: A5
Page count: 240
Paper: sustainable paper

photo of cosmoplanner 2022 title page

Cosmoplanner 2022 comes in two versions – New Moon and Full Moon.

The Full Moon edition has an additional elastic band and a back pocket.

The New Moon edition features all the same information and format apart from the lack of an elastic band and back pocket.

Cosmoplanner 2022 will work perfectly as a Mercury and Moon Calendar 2022. It has information pages that explain the Moon Phases and Mercury Cycle in great detail. There is a lot of space for personal planning and goal-setting.

The design of Cosmoplanner 2022 reminds me of a night sky: with a beautiful cosmic blue and gold color palette. It will suit someone that wants to explore the unique paths of Moon and Mercury Magic.

Cosmoplanner 2022 Flip Through Video

Cosmoplanner 2022 as a Moon Calendar

Cosmoplanner 2022 will work as an amazing Moon Calendar to track the Lunar Cycle. There are 4 pages at the end of the planner that explain the Moon Cycle and Phases in great detail.

Additionally, there are pages on the Menstrual Cycle and its’ connection to the Lunar energies. It’s a great introduction for all women that would love to become more in tune with their personal monthly cycle.

What I love about the Cosmoplanner:

✦ Great monthly pages on Zodiac seasonal energies and insights into each month.
✦ Monthly space for reflection.
Daily (habit) tracker together with Moon Phases above.
✦ Dividing a month according to the four, weekly cycles (connected to the Lunar energies): phases of rest and let go, plan and commit, create and expand, focus and complete.
✦ Times of the Void of Course Moon – amazing addition for anyone that likes to follow Moon closely and plan the magical workings according to the Lunar Energies (times of the Void of Course Moon are in GMT time zone and have to be manually converted to the local time zones).

What could be improved:

✦ I’d love to see daily Moon Zodiac signs and the time they change.
✦ A great addition would be some informational pages on the Moon in various Zodiac signs.

photo of cosmoplanner 2022 monthly spread

Cosmoplanner 2022 for Following Mercury Retrograde and Cycles

If you want to know when is Mercury in retrograde, the Cosmoplanner will become your best friend!

There are a couple of pages explaining the Mercury Cycle and phases. At the end of this calendar, you will also find the space for planning each of the three Mercury Cycles in 2022.

Mercury is a planet of intellect, communication, travel, and pursuing our career goals. Following its’ cycle allows us to closely plan actions, act, and reflect on them.

The Cosmoplanner 2022 would suit anyone that wishes to learn more about Mercury’s influence on our lives. It is an additional system (apart from the New Moon intentions setting) that can enhance our productivity and acceptance of each phase of the process.

What could be improved:

✦ Would be amazing to see more explanation about Mercury traits and energies.
✦ Additional information on Mercury Zodiac Signs and transits could be an extra focus for each Mercury Retrograde, Phase, and Cycle.

photo of cosmoplanner 2022 weekly spread

Cosmoplanner 2022 as a productivity planner

You can use Cosmoplanner 2022 as a perfect system for setting goals and intentions for your life. It features two influential celestial bodies (Moon and Mercury) that can help with the process of leading a more intentional and inspirational life.

The productivity cycles featured in this calendar will help you pursue your intellectual and emotional goals for each phase.

It is an amazing tool for getting in tune with natural events such as Lunar Cycle or Mercury Retrograde and Direct phases.

Additionally, the daily tracker will help you to stay on track with your new habits and things that matter to you each day.

I love that Cosmoplanner 2022 features plenty of space for additional notes and planning. It is a perfect gift for anyone that wishes to stay productive through the year.

photo of cosmoplanner 2022 monthly insight pages

Where you can buy the Cosmoplanner 2022

If you would love to get a copy of a planner, you can visit the Cosmoplanner Etsy store or the website.

For each purchase, there is a tree planted and you will support this lovely, small business.

Follow Cosmoplanner on Instagram

At @the.cosmic.coven you can follow Cosmoplanner creator and learn more about Lunar Cycles!

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