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New Moon is associated with new beginnings and setting intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. This phase is not the same as the Dark Moon I described in a previous post. These lunar phases have been mistakenly used as one, which not necessarily might work in your favor. They have different energies and should be celebrated separately. In this article, you will learn about the best New Moon rituals and spells that will help to bring your manifestation magic to a whole new level!

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What is New Moon and why is it different from Dark Moon?

New Moon is the first lunar phase and it appears when the tiny crescent is beginning to be visible in the sky. This can happen anytime between 1,5 and 3,5 days after the Dark Moon. When you look outside and you can spot a tiny light coming from a crescent, it means that the time for setting intentions is finally here.

Energetically New Moon represents the first glimpse of action after the introspective magic of the Dark Moon.

I would highly recommend waiting until you can actually see the illuminated crescent with the naked eye, as this would bring the best results for magic described in this article.

New Moon Magic Intentions

Change, Perspectives, New ideas, Planning, New beginnings, New relationships, Exploring opportunities, Fertility, Taking action, Moving forward, Self-development, Activities, Interactions, Potential, Business growth, Interviews, Job promotion, Moving out, Shopping, Clean state, Manifestations, Affirmations, Intentions

Infographic about New Moon Magic Intentions/ New Moon Rituals

New Moon Rituals and Spells

New Moon Journaling Prompts and Questions

  • What do I want to bring to my life?
  • What are my intentions for the upcoming cycle?
  • What is my action plan?
  • What would be the first step to take?
  • What is the best way to stay consistent?
  • How can I implement moon magic in my everyday life?
  • What daily habits would bring me the best results?

New Moon is a great time to write a detailed plan for the next Lunar Month. You can start by choosing your intentions for the next weeks. One to three specific intentions are enough. It’s way better to work consistently and make small steps and improvements on the way. You can use these intentions in other New Moon rituals listed in this article.

And the greatest thing about working with the lunar magic is that you can always repeat this process, add new ideas and intentions during the next New Moon. The cyclic nature of our Satelite can be so helpful and encouraging because we just have to wait 29,5 days to start fresh again!

photo of one of the new moon rituals - setting intentions in a journal

New Moon Intentions

This is the best moon phase to start new! After the energetical release that you have done during the waning and dark moon period, you can finally welcome fresh and renewed energy.

You might want to choose one to three prompts to work with during that phase. Don’t try to bring everything at once, as the Universe won’t know where to send the energy in the first place. Also, your focus might travel from one idea to another, not giving enough support to what really needs to flourish during that time.

The intention is the first step to a successful manifestation. It is simply a wish for a positive change. You should state it in a positive matter, that brings all the happy emotions out to the surface. It doesn’t have to be very detailed at this point. Just knowing what you want to bring more of in your life would be a great start. You can for example choose to focus on abundance and love during that cycle.

Unfortunately, the intention on its own, won’t bring the change. You need to affirm it every day, visualize the outcome in your mind and take a specific action that will bring you to that point. In the next new moon rituals, you will learn how to bring your intention to reality by using some simple Law of Attraction techniques.

the person writing new moon intentions

New Moon Affirmations

When you have chosen the intentions that you wish to work on during the next couple of weeks it’s time to create powerful affirmations.

You can start by writing what these specific intentions mean to you. Remember to state it in a way that encourages growth and positive emotions. At this point, you need to really know, in clear detail, what you want to manifest.

If you wish for more abundance in your life you can write a few sentences like this: “I have enough money for all my needs. I earn 500 dollars a week. I can afford to buy myself a coconut water every day. I can support those in need.” As you can see, all of these sentences are in the present tense and they bring emotions that are specific to your chosen intention.

photo of a quill and a piece of paper great for new moon affirmations

New Moon Manifestation

To successfully perform any manifestation technique you need to know in great detail what you wish for. Now is the time that your intention and affirmation come to work together.

Write down 3-5 specific affirmations on a piece of paper and place it underneath your pillow. Every day, until the Full Moon, read, visualize and feel your affirmations as if they’re already true!

You can do it anytime you want, yet for the best results, you should repeat them just before you go to sleep and straight when you wake up. During these times of the day, our subconscious is highly receptive to any thoughts we feed it.

Two weeks of the waxing moon will help your manifestation grow bigger and bigger. To enhance these intentions even more, during Full Moon, you can perform a ritual that will fast forward all your wishes.

New Moon Vision Board

One of the best New Moon Rituals is to make a Vision Board. Collect photos and images that are representing your intentions and affirmations. You could also place some empowering words that make you feel good.

To make this simple ritual happen, choose the time when you will be alone. Make your sacred space by lighting some candles, playing relaxing music, and incorporating your favorite scents in this process.

When you ready, pick a blank piece of cardboard and start placing collected images, words, and quotes in a way that feels harmonious. Make it as big or as small as you want, yet have in mind that you need to look at your Vision Board daily.

I used to hang it in front of my desk. This way, whenever I was working on my computer, I could look up and see the positivity vibrating from my personal piece of art!

You could also choose to make this collage in your notebook that you use daily and remember to spend a minute or two visualizing these images in your real life.

New Moon Rituals for Beauty

  • Get a haircut that will promote hair growth. Even just simple trimming might bring a huge result!
  • Do your manicure during that phase as the nail polish will last longer and less likely to get damaged.
  • Moisturize your skin – the growing moon will help you to keep the body radiant and healthy
  • Nourishing Bath – add your favorite scents and oils to promote that glowing skin!

Attract a New Partner Spell Jar

What you will need?

  • small jar
  • herbs (choose as few or as many as you want): Lemon Balm, Basil, Cardamom, Catnip, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Clove, Dragon’s Blood, Ginger, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Lotus, Mallow, Majoram, Myrtle, Peppermint, Rose, Rosemary, Saffron, Spearmint, Thyme, Vanilla, Wormwood, Yerba Mate
  • a piece of paper
  • red candle
  • rose quartz
  1. Clear up space with your favorite cleansing technique. Put on some music or use your beloved scent (lavender, cinnamon, or rosemary will be great for attracting love). Cast a circle if you feel the need for it and light a red candle.
  2. On a piece of paper write all the attributes of your new partner. It can be any physical appearance, personality traits, or even his/her favorite way to spend free time. I would restrain from attracting a specific person and writing any name on it as this might cause more troubles than love in a long run.
  3. Fill the jar halfway with your chosen herbs. Keep your spirit uplifted and ready to welcome new love in your life. In the middle of the jar, place rose quartz and a written piece of paper. Affirm your intention and charge the jar with your personal power. Fill the jar all the way to the top and close the lid.
  4. Seal your spell jar with some melted red wax from your candle. Express your gratitude and close your ritual by saying words of closure like: “So mote it be!” or “Amen”.

Now you can place your jar under your bed. To make it work faster, you can prepare your space for welcoming a new partner in your life. You can for example buy a spare toothbrush or make some space in your wardrobe. Know that the spell is already working and the universe is aligning timelines to make this meeting happen!

photo of a couple holding hands under the new moon

Money Mindset Change Ritual

Most people I meet in my life have money issues. They either have a poor mindset about it or have too much money and still are not satisfied with life. I think there is a way to balance these energies.

First of all, you need to focus on your personal reactions towards money. Have you ever walked into the shop and told yourself that something is too expensive and out of your reach? Or maybe you live in constant worry of not being able to pay the bills and get some food on the table?

In this case, the first thing you need to change is your limiting belief system. Before you even start any sort of money magic, you need to be ready to welcome abundance in your life.

For this ritual, you will need a piece of clear quartz (cleansed!) and a strong inner knowing that this mindest change is possible.

On the day of the New Moon, pick your chosen crystal, and pour your intention into it. Say something like “I am making wise money decisions. I have enough money to buy myself the things I need. I welcome abundance in my life.”

After you charge the crystal with your intentions, you can sit down and write positive affirmations (just like described above). They need to be specific and realistic as well. Start with something small. Maybe getting yourself a good coffee each morning. Slowly you will realize that all your effort pays off. Repeat your affirmations daily until the Full Moon. Then you can make this money spell jar to bring expected change in your life.

Another great thing to try would be observing your mind while going shopping. How many times do you say to yourself that something is too expensive? That you don’t have that money right now? That you need to work really hard to achieve material success? All of these thoughts are very limiting and will never bring you out of that poor money mindset.

Instead, try to understand where all these thoughts are coming from. Maybe from childhood and your parents’ ideas about the money? Maybe you think of money as something wrong and evil in this world? Try to make friends with that energy. Know it can support your dream life and bring peace of mind. Just feel how good it is to be able to share it with the people you love!

Try to carry your charged crystal with you, maybe in your purse or wallet, to remind of the intentions you set. Change takes time and it’s inevitable. Visualize your dream life and let this money come to you!

photo of a person holding money

I hope this post helped you to set New Moon intentions and choose the course of your actions for the upcoming lunar month. There are so many New Moon rituals that you can easily try at home. In the books that I have used for creating this post, you can read about various ideas for spells, rituals, baths, and more. Try it yourself with a Kindle Unlimited Free Month Trial!

Books about Moon Magic

  1. Moon Magic: Your Complete Guide to Harnessing the Mystical Energy of the Moon – Diane Ahlquist 
  2. The Spell Book for New Witches: Essential Spells to Change Your Life – Ambrosia Hawthorn
  3. Witchcraft Moon Spells: How to use the Lunar Phase for Spells, Wiccan and Crystal Magic, and Rituals – Linda Candles
  4. The Complete Book of Moon Spells: Rituals, Practices, and Potions for Abundance – Michael Herkes
  5. The Moon + You: Your Guide to Finding Energy, Balance, and Healing with the Power of the Moon – Diane Ahlquist

All of the books mentioned above are available with Kindle Unlimited Free Month Trial! It’s a really great way to start your magical reading with no money involved! I like to make notes from the books I read and this way keep my spiritual knowledge written down for further reference.


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