Free Grimoire Printable – Basic Magic Book of Shadows Pages

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Learn about Witchcraft and Magic Basics with this beautifully designed Free Book of Shadows Pages. The pages included are Moon Phases, How to Make Moon Water, Moon Magic Intentions, Days of the Week Correspondences, Crystals and Water, 37 Types of Witches, Baby  Witch Supplies, and Essential Witch Herbs and Crystals.


Basic Magic Book of Shadows Pages:

➼  Moon Phases (2 pages)
➼  How to Make Moon Water
➼  Moon Magic Intentions (2 pages)
➼  Days of the Week Correspondences
➼  Crystals and Water
➼  37 Types of Witches
➼  Baby Witch Supplies
➼  Essential Witch Herbs
➼  Essential Witch Crystals


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4 reviews for Free Grimoire Printable – Basic Magic Book of Shadows Pages

  1. Keazzi (verified owner)

    I love my book, it reads well, I’ve printed it off for my grimore. Thank you

  2. Margaret

    I love my book it’s so good. Thank you very much!

  3. April (verified owner)

    Beautifully done! Perfect for anyone just starting their BOS or Grimoire journals

  4. Cat (verified owner)

    These printables were a fantastic addition to my collection of ever growing knowledge, thanks so much!

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