9 Crystals for Love Spells, Self-Love, and Relationships – perfect gifts for Valentines Day

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February is a month of Love. It’s a time of modern celebration of Valentine’s day and ancient roman festival of love called Lupercalia. Today I would like to present you with the best crystals for love spells that you can use either to attract love, bring more self-love or nourish the relationship you’re already in. These crystals are extremely beautiful and carry the magical vibration of love.

When picking the right gemstone make sure to set an intention and attune to your goal. Usually, the crystal that you feel the most drawn to is the right choice. I find it really funny when researching gemstones some of them make me feel like I need them in my life. That means that their energetic blueprint can provide something that my spirit, mind, or body needs. And I go with these instincts so my collection grows slowly from time to time.

In this little guide, I will present you with crystals for love spells that bring attraction magic to a whole new level. Cannot wait to teach you a little more about these precious stones today and hear about your results!

picture of rose quartz and title: 9 crystals for love spells

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printable of best crystals for love spells

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Rose Quartz

If you think about an ultimate crystal for love spells that would be the Rose Quartz. It is quite common, easily obtainable, and probably you will find it in your local metaphysical store.

I like to think about the energy of rose quartz as a nurturing mother. It is a perfect stone for anyone that wishes to attract love or bring more caring emotions into everyday life.

Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love. It heals emotions and transforms relationships to a new level, making partners open to their needs and mutual understanding. It is used to open the heart chakra and deal with emotional blockages such as fear, anxiety, stress, anger, or trauma.

For self-love: Program (or enchant) a rose quartz pendant and wear it daily or when you feel the need for extra loving and compassionate energy around you.

For attracting a partner: Put a heart-shaped Rose Quartz next to your bed or sleep with it under your pillow. To attract a soul mate or twin flame relationship you can pair it with amethyst, moonstone, or a twin crystal (with two points).

For nurturing the existing relationship: Use rose quartz to promote peace, happiness, and fidelity. This gemstone helps the lover and beloved to become one. It also allows us to move from mistrust into a sense of union.

A small heart shape rose quartz it’s a great love talisman. Provides compassion and gentle understanding. It is one of the best gifts for a lover to jump-start the romance.

Great to use with other crystals for love spells: Rhodonite, Pink Calcite, Pink Tourmaline, Rhodochrosite, Morganite, Emerald, and Garnet.

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Garnet is a crystal of fiery passion. The red color is very grounding and connects us with the root chakra. You can use this crystal to spark a flame of love and romance.

This gemstone indicates loyalty, unchanging affection, and grace. It helps to be a faithful partner and remaining true to yourself. Garnet is highly transformative and helps to stay true to your purpose. It also enhances bodily strength, endurance, and vigor.

Garnet, as one of the crystals for love spells, that brings the grounding energy for your dreams and helps to manifest them into the physical realm.

When working towards attracting a partner you should try to do it from a place of love, not the lack.

Think about the qualities of the ideal partner and make sure that your vibrational state matches the one that you describe for your loved one.

Remember that it’s not recommended to work against someone’s will and wish to attract a specific person.

To make your spellwork even more potent, you need to visualize your life together. What you will do? Where will you go?

It would also help to make the space for them in your life. Set some time aside each day to nurture yourself as if you were together with someone that loves you. Do it every day as well as work with crystals for love spells, and you will see the results surprisingly quickly.

photo of a red garnet

Red or Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite)

These stones from the Tourmaline family are great for manifesting love! Whether you want to bring more unconditional love to your relationships or spark a bit of love magick around you, these are perfect to work with.

Tourmaline together with lepidolite is useful for promoting love and calming negative emotions.

A pink tourmaline draws love and friendship. You can also wear it to promote sympathy for others. It represents the divine feminine and yin energies. Pink tourmaline is a great present for a beloved woman.

It is soothing and calming in nature and helps to release stress and worry. Pink tourmaline helps to find the courage to love and be more gentle towards yourself and others.

Another exceptionally great love crystal is red tourmaline called Rubellite. It promotes strength and physical love. Helps to open the heart. Makes an excellent gift for one’s romantic partner as it increases the flames of passion.

photo of a pink tourmaline crystal for love


Rhodochrosite is a crystal that is connected to the higher heart chakra and promotes unconditional and divine love. It is known to induce compassion and selfless love.

This gemstone helps to direct love towards yourself first, and aids with emotional healing.

It is a great stone to open your heart and heal the traumas from past relationships. It will allow you to move into new love without the shadow of the previous one.

Rhodochrosite and Rhodonite are more powerful crystals for love spells than the common Rose Quartz. They make things work faster and they are perfect gemstones to add when you feel like you finally need to find a partner.

Rhodochrosite is a great crystal to attract a Twin Flame Relationship. It is a type of relationship that is highly transformative and divine in nature. The legend says that back in the days’ people were unified in one soul that unfortunately got separated.

Because of that our human soul is always longing for the other counterpart. Together with your Twin Flame, you are sharing one soul. When you finally get united it brings a lot of unconditional, divine, and supportive love that our planet needs at this moment. Yet because of its highly energetic nature, this type of relationship can be overwhelming at times and resolve with running and chasing phases.

Have you heard about the Twin Flame concept? What are your thoughts about it? Let me know in the comments!

photo of rhodochrosite crystal

Pink (Mangano) Calcite

This stone can assist in bringing a loving and friendly partner to your life. Mangano Calicite makes a person more open-minded and accommodating for others. It is connected to the heart chakra and helps to transform unhealed emotions.

If you are looking for very soft and nurturing love, I would recommend working with Mangano Calcite. It is also known as one of the best crystals for love spells and rituals.

Gemstones from the calcite family are very calming and grounding in nature. Whenever I feel stressed or worried the best crystal that helps me to relax is orange calcite. Its structure is extremely soothing and nurturing.

If you looking for more compassion and love towards yourself, getting a Mangano calcite bracelet and wearing it everyday would really help you to achieve this goal.

photo of mangano calcite

Morganite (Pink Beryl)

Morganite is a crystal of unconditional love and forgiveness. It helps especially if you have feelings of unworthiness and of not being worthy of love. When you heal these parts of yourself it will be much easier to attract a healthy and loving relationship into your life.

Morganite releases the blockages of the heart chakra and helps to transmute the energy to the higher vibrations.

It’s a stone of self-less love and helps to let go of ego-driven actions. It’s a very powerful crystal that will definitely affect your healing and understanding of your soul purpose.

If you are in a relationship you can exchange beryl crystals to strengthen the relationship and bring it to a more divine and spiritual level.

Morganite is also one of the crystals for love spells that you can carry to attract love. It is also helpful for clearing attachment to past relationships.

photo of morganite crystal - love spells


Kunzite is a very unique crystal that absorbs the light and then slowly gives it out in the darkness. It also appears to have various colors in a different light.

It resonates with the heart chakra and is used for emotional and mental healing. Kunzite calms panic attacks and anxiety.

This beautiful gemstone resolves the conflicts and is a great stone for lovers that wish to have more open and meaningful conversations. It encourages loving thoughts and accepting yourself and others as they are. Kunzite calms the mind, body, and soul and is a great holistic healing crystal for overall alignment.

As one of the crystals for love spells, Kunzite is useful for attracting love and a partner that is aligned with our higher self.

It improves empathy and helps to make contacts. You can wear a kunzite bracelet if you are shy and planning to go on a date.

This unique gemstone assists with selflessly helping others and healing from the criticism. It also promotes tolerance.

Caution! Kunzite color will fade if exposed to direct sunlight!

photo of kunzite crystal for love

Lapis lazuli

As a crystal connected to the Third Eye chakra, Lapis Lazuli helps to attract spiritual and divine love.

Lapis Lazuli is great for night magic: Use it together with moonstone and pink candle, place the crystals next to the candle and visualize the love coming into your life.

It is also a fidelity charm and is worn to strengthen the bond that has grown between lovers. It allows partners to express their feelings, thoughts, and emotions with more clarity

Lapis lazuli can be used to send telepathic messages to your loved one and it also promotes psychic awareness.

photo of lapis lazuli crystal


Rhodonite, as one of the best crystals for love spells, attracts the people and situations that suit your higher purpose. It is known for bringing love by aligning your life with the soul purpose.

As a gemstone, rhodonite promotes calmness, coherency, altruism, and generosity. It casts away confusion and doubt that may arise in your relationship.

It’s a great gift for your loved one as it nurtures love, promotes mutual understanding, and balances the relationship.

Rhodonite helps to attune to unconditional love and forgiveness. It takes back the personal projections that you might put on the partner. It’s a great wound healer, both emotional and physical.

photo of rhodonite

Other great crystals for love spells

You can combine them with the ones mentioned above. These are lithium quartz, moonstone, ruby kyanite, and strontianite.

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  1. I truly believe in the twin flame concept. My best friend, who’s more like a sister, is my twin flame. Which may sound weird, but we believe that your split apart doesn’t have to be your lover. You will always be connected to them in each life you live. They might be your mother, sibling or any relationship you have.

    • I totally agree! It’s so nice to hear your story and know that you have someone so special in your life. A Twin Flame doesn’t have to be a romantic partner. We can get this very beautiful and close connection with anyone, of any gender. And that is truly magcial!

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