[2022] What type of Witch am I Quiz? – Fun Types of Witches Quiz

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Last Updated on July 23, 2022 by Eva Maria

Have you ever asked yourself the question “What Type of Witch am I”? To answer, try this Types of Witches quiz to find which magical path suits your witchy aesthetic and interest.

It is a fun and simple way to learn more about yourself and share the results with the world!

Witches are often stereotyped and misunderstood, which is why we’ve put together this quiz to help you better understand the different types of witches out there. Take the quiz to learn more about your personal type, and be prepared for a life full of magick. 

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What Type of Witch am I? – Take this fun Types of Witches Quiz to find your witchy path in minutes!

What type of Witch are you?

Have you ever wondered which witchcraft path suits you the best? Take this QUIZ and find out today!

Did you enjoy this Types of Witches Quiz? Leave a comment with your results and let us know if it suits your personality!

If you didn’t enjoy the quiz, that’s okay. We just want to hear your thoughts so we can improve the content of our website. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

How to know What type of Witch am I?

There are many types of witches that you can find on this big beautiful planet. And it all will depend on the person you are, your magic interests, and your witchy aesthetics.

Some of the most popular types of witches are Green Witch, Hedge Witch, Sea Witch, Eclectic Witch, and more. 

Here are some actionable tools that you can try to learn more about types of witches:

– Take the Witch Quiz above

Read this book about 30 types of witches – “What Type of Witch Are You?: A Handbook of over Thirty Types of Witchcraft for New Witches” by Julie Wilder. You can also find it in the audiobook version on audible.

– Check out this article that details 37 different types of witches and figure out what are the main characteristics 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and confused about what type of witch you might be, it is important to take some time for yourself and look inside. You can start by reading articles about different types of witches and checking out witch forums, such as Witch Community.

Next, you can try to find different witchcraft topics to study and see which practice resonates with you the most. You might try to use crystals or herbs, candle magic, or focus more on astrology astronomy.

Finally, pay attention to how you feel and what your intuition tells you. If you feel like you have a strong connection to the earth, you might be a green witch. If you feel like you love spending time by the water, you might be a sea witch. If you feel like you love discovering the unseen realm of the astral plane, you might be a hedge witch. If you love using crystals in your practice, you might be a crystal witch. And finally, if you feel like the power of your magick lies in your home you might be a hearth witch.

But still… What type of Witch am I?

If you feel like this Types of Witches Quiz hasn’t been the most helpful one, you can learn more about 37 different types of witches in this article. It will give you an idea of various magical paths and practices that you can try.

And if you’re still feeling lost… don’t worry. There are plenty of other resources on this blog that can help you on your path to becoming a witch. You can read about the history and practices of different types of witches, or find books, articles, or videos that will teach you everything you need to know about magic.

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  1. I liked taking the quiz. It said I was a Cosmic Witch. I am interested in the stars and galaxies but I am more interested in crystals and working with them so I think it got it wrong. I am more of an Eclectic Witch.

    • This quiz is just for entertainment purposes. I believe that everyone knows deep inside what (unique!) type of witch they are! Also, most modern practitioners are eclectic, and I didn’t include it in the quiz. I’m planning to write more about types of witches in the future to encourage everyone to find their personal witchcraft path.

  2. My quiz revealed that I am a green witch which nailed it perfectly! I know this is purely for entertainment purposes, but I enjoyed it and I love reading more about this type of witch and how I can better my understanding. Thank you very much!

  3. I’ve always been attracted to the paranormal and it attracted to me. I’m interested in tarot but working on that and really into spirit animals and totems and love herbs but no idea what type of witch I would be I like a bit of everything.

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