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Have you just discovered the hedge witchery path? Do you wonder if this is something that will suit your magical practice? Check out these 11 signs that you might be a Hedge witch and let me know in the comments if they resonate with you!

Disclaimer: I don’t think you need to label yourself in your craft and in fact it might be a limiting practice. What I believe is that researching various types of witches helps to find your own, unique witchcraft path. This post is a simple guide and a fun way to learn more about different types of witches. Enjoy!

11 signs that you are a hedge witch types of witches

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What is hedge witchery?

A hedge witch is usually a solitary practitioner that bases their practice in the comfort of their own home. This path is highly in tune with nature and elements and it’s also connected to green, kitchen, and hearth witchcraft. Most hedge witches’ dream is to live in a witch cottage in the countryside and enjoy all aspects of running a cozy and loving homestead!

If you are a hedge witch you might find yourself following a couple or all of the things mentioned below.

Let’s check that!

photo of a hedge witch cottage

1. You are a solitary practitioner

As a Hedge Witch, you are more likely to practice on your own in the comfort of your home. You find it more appealing to study the magic in your own way and pace. The practice that you do is informal, domestic, and based around everyday activities.

You don’t need the company of other people or be a part of a coven. You mostly focus on your close family and friends.

The studies you do are based on personal interests and you are not likely to perform difficult and time-consuming rituals or ceremonies.

Your practice is more likely to be focused on practical chores such as cleaning and cooking.

This path is very individual and suited for personal needs. You might find yourself following other practices such as green or kitchen witchery, yet it will always gravitate towards being more solitary than seeking support and validation from more structured and established witchcraft paths.

photo of a candle and book

2. The most sacred place for you is your home

You are a master of keeping your home suited for spiritual practice. There might be altars in each room and all things that have a magical meaning to you.

You like to keep the nice order in your house and implement daily magical routines such as sitting by the fire with your favorite witchy book, sipping on your favorite tea, or lighting candles for an extra cozy atmosphere.

The house for you is a sanctuary – a place where you regenerate, refuge, renewal, and become creative. The hedge in this context is a border between the outer, stressful, and hectic reality, and your nourishing and magically vibing home.

You pay a lot of attention to detail and how you feel in your surroundings. You know that keeping the order and clean surroundings is mood-lifting and eventually leads to enhanced energy and powerful magical practice.

photo of a cast iron kettle and hearth

3. Cleaning is an important part of your practice

Yes, you read that right. For a hedge witch, cleaning is a truly magical ritual.

You like to focus on having some sort of order, even if it seems to be messy for the outside world. You are most likely to keep the place with a fresh flow of energy. Bringing positive emotions and natural life force into your home.

As a hedge witch, you might want to DIY your cleaning products to add some magical tweaks and intentions to them.

You use Florida Water or essential oils for cleaning and you just adore the smell of freshness around you.

There is nothing more magical than going to sleep in fresh bedsheets that had been air-dried in a sun. You know what I mean, am I right?

photo of laundry drying in the sun

4. You like to read novels and books about folklore and old ways of living

As a hedge witch, you feel a strong connection to the ancestors and old ways of living. For you, there is this beautiful simplicity in all the old practices.

The favorite books for you are most likely to be based on historical times and talk about real-life issues. They also might be focused on healing or natural remedies.

Hedge witchery is highly based on the old-fashioned ways of living and this highly resonates with you. You might even find yourself a bit out of place in this modern, fast-paced living society.

As a hedge witch, you are most likely to be an old soul, and you’ve had many lifetimes before.

Even though many old paths resonate with you, you are enjoying the modern and balanced way of living. You might like to implement some practices of your ancestors and re-discover forgotten recipes and remedies.

photo of a candle and an old book

5. Family and friends often ask you for advice

Back in the days, a hedge witch used to be a person in the community, that people came to for advice. They were known for their wisdom and knowledge about plant remedies and life force.

In the same way, you might find yourself attracting people that need advice. Your calming nature allows them to trust and open, and share the deepest secrets with you.

You can find a solution or a remedy for each alignment and most likely this advice are nonconventional.

photo of laughing friends

6. You are in tune with nature and see everything as a part of it

As a Hedge Witch, you love to work with natural elements. For you, nature has animalistic features. That means that all earth, air, fire, and water representing the Spirit element.

You like to think about your plants as spiritual beings, that maybe are a bit less sentient than animals, but still have their energy and nature.

The same things might go to your objects that you use in everyday life. It wouldn’t be surprising if you’d give special value to things like your fireplace or the broom you use every day.

Even a simple favorite blanket brings you positive emotions and is also a magical object for your practice. You like your favorite cup and a specific tea/coffee each morning.

You know you are a part of Nature, just like everything else is. A part of life-force that is present in all forms of physical reality.

7. the food you cook has healing and magical properties

You know how important cooking is. And what’s more important is cooking with an intention.

Each hedge witch is most likely to love cooking. Or at least baking. Or preparing healthy smoothies. Nutrition is something that you pay great attention to.

The products you use are most likely carefully picked. You know how a healthy, fresh vegetable looks like, and possibly you pick that in a local market each week.

Maybe for some hedge witches, it is challenging to live to the full potential right now, but your ultimate dream is to have a beautiful cottage somewhere in the countryside, growing your food, and being surrounded by nature.

This might slowly come true with your intentional practice, as you will find yourself stepping more into this hedge witchery practice.

Some people connect the kitchen and hearth witchery closely to hedge witchery. And I must agree that all of these practices are mostly based at home, where you feel the most magically empowered.

Does it sound like you?

photo of a hedge witch carrying a basket full of vegetables

8. You are self-taught in your magical practice

For each hedge witch, the practice comes with time. But it is something that you feel called naturally.

You don’t spend years studying with magic masters. Possibly you don’t even think about joining a coven.

All magical work you do is based on your own experience, books that you read, and solitary studies online.

There are a few facebooks group that you find in your circle, and it’s highly inspirational for your studies. Yet not necessary for you to be a part of your practice.

To be honest, as a hedge witch, you probably don’t even like when someone tells you how to do things, and you are most likely to do spells and recipes your way. Always adding a small personal touch to everything.

If you always twist the recipes, let us know in the comment, and let’s see how many magical twisters are out there!

photo of a woman reading a book in a cozy living room

9. Your biggest dream is cottage life on the outskirts of a village

Kinda stereotypical, yet I find many hedge witches are having the same dream.

You find great pleasure in being close to nature, having your vegetable garden, and being able to practice natural ways of living in everyday life.

The biggest dream is to find that perfect cottage, full of plants, trinkets, and memories from your life. Make it cozy and special, just for you.

I can imagine a stereotypial hedge witch, going out and foraging, drying herbs on the attic, and having their favorite path that they go for a walk each day.

There is also a high possibility that you already live that kind of lifestyle and inspire others to do the same.

photo of a beautiful inside of the cottage of the hedge witch

10. Your home is a sacred bridge between physical reality and the spiritual world

Hedge witchery is highly based on home practice. And by doing that, your home becomes a sanctuary. A sacred place that connects your physical reality with a more spiritual approach.

As a hedge witch, you might find yourself worshipping the magical space around you. Making it suit for your practice and having a specific enchanted feeling.

Have any of your guests told you that they feel amazing in your home? That there is something special about that place? That they love to pop in for a tea and return every week?

If so, then you build a spiritual time capsule inside your home. You have enchanted each corner of it, that so many people feel and want to be a part of.

You might even feel like your home is its own type of spiritual entity. Have you ever seen the Howl’s Moving Castle animation? It’s a beautiful story about magic and seeing the home as an actual place of spiritual connection.

It is the fire, the hearth, the magic that keeps people loving to be there. It’s the energy of love and welcoming, of offerings and understanding. And as a Hedge witch, you are most likely to be a very accomodating person, that loves to listen, offer needed advice, and give you freshly baked cookies.

That’s kind of a dream that most hedge witches want to live in anyway.

photo of a hedge witch altar with crystal and candle

Did you like these 10 signs that you might be a hedge witch? Do they resonate with you?

If you feel more called to explore the topic of hedge witchery, the books below are an amazing start to do so! Pick up your favorite ones and make your home a place where true magic is happening!

9 Best Books for a Hedge Witch

  1. “The House Witch: Your Complete Guide to Creating a Magical Space with Rituals and Spells for Hearth and Home” – Arin Murphy-Hiscock
  2. “Craft of the Hedge Witch: A Guide to the Solitary Path” – Geraldine Smythe
  3. “HedgeWitch: Spells, Crafts & Rituals For Natural Magick” – Silver RavenWolf
  4. “Hedge Witch: A Guide to Solitary Witchcraft” – Rae Beth
  5. “Hedgewitch Book of Days: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for the Magical Year” – Mandy Mitchell
  6. “Cottage Witchery: Natural Magick for Hearth and Home” – Ellen Dugan
  7. “Mrs. B’s Guide to Household Witchery: Everyday Magic, Spells, and Recipes” – Kris Bradley
  8. “The Magical Household: Spells & Rituals for the Home” – Scott Cunningham
  9. “The Hearth Witch’s Compendium: Magical and Natural Living for Every Day” – Anna Franklin

To learn more about different types of witches, check out the “What Type of Witch Are You?: A Handbook of Over Thirty Types of Witchcraft for New Witches” – Julie Wilder

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  1. According to my choices in the quiz, I am a Hedge Witch! As I read through the signs listed, I find that not all of them pertain to me, although a good many do. Should I be concerned that I do not fall into all those areas listed. I have tried many times to fulfill my inner desires but I get so confused at times that I just postpone my dreams once again! This is so frustrating to me. I have tried to find my moon sign, but I do not know the time of my birth so that sets me in a tizzy as well.
    Do you have any advise as to how I can clear the cobwebs (lol) from my mind and move forward?

  2. I recently discovered that I am a Hedge Witch. I took many witch tests to find out what kind of witch I am, and it always came up as Hedge Witch. Not that I mind it, but agree hat this is what I am. I an 71 years young, and married with a daughter, we also have two dogs also. I am enjoying my life and am happy with what life has given me. Thanks for having this test, it is really fun. I enjoyed it very much.

  3. I have read your definition of hedge witch. I guess if people need security in labels. I would be defined as one. unknowing I have always leaned towards this area. growing up my adolescent and teens I was raised in the mountains. I have never felt lost in the woods. I feel most comfoe there.
    in high school I graduate with honors in horticulture and agriculture. I was always gravitated to our high-schools green house. my teachers said I had two green thumbs and possibly a green toe.
    I had issues we all do.
    I am about 60 now. my home is my sanctuary. I love to cook. the kitchen is like a lab to me. I never cook the same thing twice.
    i meditate a lot. that is I light a candle. burn incense. listen to tantra music. in the darkness focus on the light. I just go. not much of visual memories but sensing other places. I don’t really focus to much.
    I have never really dedicated myself to the magical art.
    I am primarily a seeker of knowledge. I tend to levitate towards spiritual knowledge. I am not religious. I do not fear nor worship any deity. I do believe in a creator. just more of respect even admiration. like a son who admired his father had respect for him.
    I do like to learn I study everything. I am very cognitive aware. emotionally aware. I see myself as the master of my ship. I am fiercely interdependent.
    not very tactful when dealing with others. I prefer my own company but do get lonely upon occasion. I am not celibate. I prefer to think I was born with a sexual drive to learn to.master it and be responsible choosing to use it in a healthy manner.
    I have discontinued my use of the concepts of good and bad or right and wrong. to me they are perceptual usually based upon someone else perceptions.
    I tend to critically think and use a gut instinct when determining if a concept ir my actions toward another are unhealthy or healthy to mine or another’s mind body or soul.
    a lot of people label me as a philosopher even though I have had no formal education in this area.

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