(2021) Beltane celebration – 9 simple activities for beginner witches

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May Day Sabbat symbolizes fertility, blooming, fire festival and approaching summer.

Below you can find 9 simple Beltane activities to do as a beginner witch to get more in tune with the nature of that sabbat!

1. Decorate your Beltane altar with wildflowers

One of the most beautiful things about May Day is the abundance of flowering plants available around.

It’s great to be able to go for a walk and forage some decorations for your living space. If you feel bad about picking up flowers in nature, you can easily get potted ones in the shop.

They will definitely last longer and be more environmentally friendly!

daffodils spring celebration

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2. Great Beltane recipe – fresh spring salad

Beltane activities are all connected with the change that we can observe in nature.

Everything is becoming awake in its own glory.

If you are lucky to plant your own vegetable garden, this is the time that you are able to pick some fresh salad leaves, radishes, spinach, herbs, etc.

Combine them all together and you’ll have the best seasonal salad full of sun and nutrients.

beltane activities fresh salad

3. Soak the porridge overnight to enjoy a healthy breakfast in the morning

During my camping holidays, I discovered that you can easily prepare a healthy porridge without cooking.

The one I like to make is a mix of oats, shredded coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and goji berries.

I cover it all up with vegan milk and leave for a night to soak. This gives a very nutritious breakfast that is full of healthy fiber. Also soaking the seeds and nuts activates them and makes them much easier to digest.

4. Beltane lemonade recipe

Lemonade is a refreshing drink that brings the summer vibe to our lives! It’s good to combine these herbs that are associated with the Beltane celebration: lemon, lemon balm, ginger, rosemary, and spearmint.

beltane lemonade recepie, lemon, ginger, lemon balm, rosemary, spearmint

5. Make a flower wreath to decorate your home

Beltane season offers an abundance of flowers to choose from.

Depending on the place where you live, you can create a beautiful wreath that will decorate your altar or living room.

I made a simple tutorial of lavender wreath making and you can check it on my Instagram profile.

6. Plant flowers to attract honey bees

As a green witch, I admire and preserve the natural environment as much as I can. And what is the best way to bring more balance into our ecosystem? Planting flowers that honey bees love, pollinate and make this golden nectar from!

It is so important to support the bee population. Literally, our lives depend on it so much!

Let’s make this Beltane activity a new tradition to help our future planet!

bee lavender

7. Create a flower and crystal mandala grid

One of the great activities that you can make during Beltane is to create a grid that will bring you peace, harmony, and abundance.

There something very magical about creating mandalas. Originally they represent the impermanence and vastness of the world around us. As well as observing the changeable nature of life.

Let’s enjoy the fertility and growth season as long as it lasts!

8. Make a campfire to celebrate Fire Festival

In many traditions, Beltane is known as a Fire Festival.

People in many cultures around the world lit campfires that symbolize the power of the Sun. They used to jump over bonfires to cleanse and purify their spiritual body.

It’s a great time to gather with your friends to dance, sing, play music, and feast.

You can also do a simple fire ritual at home, using candles, a fireplace, or a grill to connect with fire energy.

celebration fire festival bonfire campfire

9. Beltane activities are great to celebrate together with your loved ones

This is a great opportunity to get closer to people you love and make something special together.

You can go for a walk in nature, have a picnic, prepare a lovely dinner or bake a cake with your kids.

Every occasion is a great opportunity to get closer to each other and spend some quality time together. Even if it means watching your favorite Netflix series in the evening. Magic can be found in the simplest activities combined with the right intentions!

BONUS – Beltane correspondences – 2 pages!

These are the two printables that I have done year apart. First one is from Beltane 2020 and second one from Beltane 2021.

Which style do you like more?

Would you like to add this to your Grimoire?

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beltane correspondences free grimoire printable

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it with people that might be interested in celebrating Beltane.

Thank you for being on this path with me!

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