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New Moon is the time associated with rebirth, new ideas, and beginnings. It’s not recommended using this time of the month for casting spells, yet some advanced practitioners work with Dark Moon energy for banishing, exorcism, and cleansing magic. Ideally, this moon phase is used for reflection, divination, and meditation. That’s why it is good to try this New Moon Tarot Spread for beginners for easy, 3-card reading.

new moon tarot spread

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New Moon Tarot Spread

Take a while to cleanse your space, ground, and connect with the energy of your tarot deck. You can simply meditate for 10 minutes or put some nice music while you’re smudging your surroundings. Remember that your intention is the greatest power when it comes to magic. Trust your intuition and always take the answers with a grain of salt. Tarot is a great tool for spiritual growth but it can also be easily misunderstood. Never attach to the words or symbols and always put enough effort and energy to make the desired action towards your goal.

1. What do I need to focus on during the next lunar cycle?

As you may know the New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle. Many spiritual people use this time for setting intentions and starting new projects. You can ask your tarot cards to assist with finding your next goal for the upcoming moon cycle and let them guide you through that process.

2. What do I need to let go?

There is always something to improve within your daily routine. When our minds are cluttered we cannot focus enough energy towards a certain outcome. Remember to let go of anything that no longer serves you on this path. Forgiveness is a great tool to understand that certain things happened to teach you something new. Let go of all that weighs you down and move towards the future you’re writing now.

3. What is the next step I should consider?

Always dream big! And remember to take small steps on the way. The greatest magic lies in everyday routine. This tarot card will show you your next step. What comes to your mind when you connect with it? Which area needs further improvements? What is the daily task that will bring you closer to desired goal?

new moon intentions list

All these tips will help you set intentions for an upcoming lunar cycle. You can write some words about this reading in your tarot or any type of journal. During full moon read these words again and correct your course if needed. After the whole lunar cycle, on the next New Moon, spend some time reflecting on this new moon tarot spread. You can use it for the upcoming months and see what magic it brings to your life!

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Disclaimer: I cannot take any responsibility for the results of your reading. All the work and energy that you put into practice is yours, and the fruits of your labor too. My goal is to awaken YOUR self-healing potential, therefore don’t take too much negative or positive from any result you may receive, and be responsible for your own actions.

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  1. Any idea what it would mean if you get “The Sun” for “2. What do I need to let go?” Normally I’d think it’s a good card to pull, based on what I’ve read, but in this case….

    • I always like to look at tarot holistically. One thing is that positivity and success radiating from the Sun card, the other might be lack of joy and being too serious, or focusing too much on the work and striking towards success. Also, it might represent being too confident and over-optimistic. If you look at the Sun meaning in reverse, these might be the things to let go of.
      I wish you lots of enthusiasm courage on your witchy path!

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