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Who doesn’t love crystals? They are simply adorable with their stable, supporting frequency and amazing healing properties. If you enjoy working with their energy in your spellcasting, that’s a great sign that you might be a Crystal Witch!

There are so many uses of gems! You can wear them as jewelry, hide tumbled stones in your pockets, place them on your altar, or simply use them as home decor. This seems like another New Age trend, but to be honest, stones and crystal has been used for centuries!

Disclaimer: I don’t think you need to label yourself in your craft and in fact it might be a limiting practice. What I believe is that researching various types of witches helps to find your own, unique witchcraft path. This post is a simple guide and a fun way to learn more about different types of witches. Enjoy!

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1. You feel drawn to work with crystal energy

Minerals and gems are simply precious to you. You adore their shiny beauty, different colors, and shapes. Sometimes, you stop in awe at your local spiritual shop, just to look at or hold certain stones.

You like the way they feel and I bet you’d buy them all if you could! And I know this struggle of not being able to afford as many crystals as you’d love to. I’d say if that’s your case, you could get a single stone each month, connect with its energy, know its meaning and properties.

Simply get to know the crystal by wearing or holding it while meditating. I guess it’s so nice to be able to really get to know your stones! If you feel that this short description resonates with you, you are most likely to be a Crystal Witch.

photo of a celestite - types of witches - crystal witch

2. You love picking up rocks on your walks

Have you ever had enough crystals in your collection? Or do you just keep on bringing new pebbles every time one catches your eyes?

If it seems like your struggle, then welcome to our Crystal Witch Circle! We would never miss a beautiful stone under our feet.

Have you ever heard about hag stones? These are the pebbles that have a naturally occurring hole. Usually, you can find them by the ocean, sea, or other bodies of water. Do you have one yourself?

You can share a picture in our Merkaba Study Apprentices Group! Below is a plate of natural stones that I have found on my walks.

hag stones, natural pebbles collection

3. Crystal Witch understands that everything in Universe is frequency

Our world is built from energy. Each object, mineral, plant, animal, and person has its own frequency.

Aliveness is the ability to change your frequency and adapt to your surroundings.

In our materialistic world crystals have the most stable and constant vibration. That’s why it’s great to learn about their healing properties and uses.

I like to think of stones as a supportive base of our planet. The minerals are the compound of everything we see around. And when Mother Earth forms these beautiful crystals and shapes, she puts a lot of love and effort to give them these magical structures and energy. Don’t take it for granted and make sure to understand and tune into their beings!

amethyst cluster

4. You are familiar with Crystal Grids

Crystal Grid is a specific placement of stones so they could create a vibrational field by complementing each other’s energy. You can use crystal grid templates, draw your one, or buy a nice display for that matter.

Let me know in the comments if you would like to learn more about Crystal Grids!

5. As a Crystal Witch, you pick up your jewelry intentionally

Do you have your favorite necklace or ring? Are you familiar with their meaning? Do they bring specific outcomes and emotions when you wear them?

If you feel like certain stones are sacred to you, then you are most likely to be a Crystal Witch! Check out this very simple spell on how to enchant jewelry.

quartz necklace for a crystal witch

6. You use your crystals in spells

Do you like adding small pieces of certain stones to your magical sachets or spell jars? Maybe you feel like some minerals bring better results when it comes to spellcasting?

I highly believe that they create a complementary combination with herbs and other ingredients that we use.

As a crystal witch, you love to research various topics such as love, abundance, health, traveling, or heightening magic work to know which crystals and herbs would suit your current practice.

Would you like to learn how to create your own spells? Let me know in the comments so I can prepare content that will be beneficial for you!

crystal witch altar

7. Crystal Witch loooves presenting others with stones

Have you ever saw a person and knew which crystal would be beneficial for them at the moment? Or maybe you keep sharing tumbled stones to people that mean a lot to you?

I always find it cute to share my love for crystals with friends and family.

Even if they are not into magick, you never know what these gifts will bring them in the future. Or which door you will open for them!

8. You make crystal elixirs

Do you know what the crystal elixir is? It’s simply the water charged with the energy of crystals and your intentions.

You can enhance the power of that elixir by adding moon water or some additional herbs that you like.

Below you can find a list of crystals that are safe to use in water!

To check the crystals that are safe to use in the water I used a very informative book about the healing properties of gems: “Stone Medicine: A Chinese Medical Guide to Healing with Gems and Minerals” by Leslie J. Frank.

Update: Some sources mention that you shouldn’t put Moonstone in the water. Personally, I believe that nothing wrong will happen with a quick water rinse. Yet I wouldn’t leave it soaking for too long. The best way to determine which crystals can be used in the water is to check their Mohs hardness. Anything above 6.5 should be ok with a simple, cleansing rinse.

crystals that are safe to use in water, crystal elixir, gem elixir

9. Crystal Witch understands that minerals are their own species of beings

Have you ever lost a crystal? Or maybe you believe that your crystal chose to go for an adventure?

I always like to think about them this way.

They are lovely creatures, but sometimes, when they completed their mission serving you, they might simply choose to disappear from your life.

And accepting that fact brings a whole new understanding of the mineral kingdom. What do you think?

10. Your life is just full of colorful crystals

Let’s make it clear, each Crystal Witch is obsessed with stones.

And that means that you probably have crystals in each corner of your house.

You keep them in your pockets, in your bra, you even might take baths with them!

And that’s really cool! Because why not invest in these beautiful mineral structures if they make your life a bit brighter?

11. Your favorite aesthetics contains mostly pastel color

As a Crystal Witch, you like all the colors of the rainbow!

Yet, you might find yourself mostly drawn to the pastel colors and subtle tones.

I always imagine the Crystal Witch’s room that is full of beautiful rose quartz towers, amethyst geodes and salt lamps.

You might also like to surround yourself with pastel tones such as rose quartz pink or celestite blue.

Let me know in the comments if this seems to be you!

crystal witch geode

9 Best books for a Crystal Witch

1. Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic – Scott Cunningham
2. Dunwich’s Guide to Gemstone Sorcery – Gerina Dunwich
3. 101 Powerful Crystals – Judy Hall
4. Stone Medicine – A Chinese medical guide to healing with gems and minerals – Leslie J. Franks
5. The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals – Cassandra Eason
6. The Crystal Witch – Leanna Greenaway
7. Crystals for Beginners – Karen Franzier
8. Rock and Gem: The Definitive Guide to Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones, and Fossils
9. Crystal Grids powers – Harness The Power of Crystals and Sacred Geometry for Manifesting Abundance, Healing and Protection – Ethan Lazzerini

Are you a Crystal Witch?

I hope you enjoyed this post about Crystal Witchcraft. Would you be interested to learn also about other types of witches? Which type of witchcraft speaks the most to you?

Cannot wait to know your answers!


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  1. I’m so excited I found all this, thank you for writing, I have always been drawn to crystals, the moon, mother earth, and magick. I stopped practicing for a few years, but recently I’m being drawn back in with a vengeance an I was really drawn to this so thank you for your words!

  2. I’ve always considered myself as Eclectic but after this, I may be more of a Crystal Witch, explaining a lot

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