Imbolc Traditions Book of Shadows Pages – PDF Grimoire – Wheel of the Year

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Learn more about Imbolc traditions and celebrations from this beautifully designed Book of Shadow Pages. This bundle includes Imbolc Rituals and Intentions, Imbolc Traditions and History, a page about Goddess Brigid, Imbolc Symbols and Colors, Imbolc Crafts, Imbolc Activities, Imbolc Correspondences (plants, oil blend, and crystals), Imbolc Foods, Imbolc Altar, and Decorations.

What you can find in the Imbolc Traditions Book of Shadows Pages

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The bundle contains 10 pages.

➼ Imbolc magical intentions
➼ Imbolc traditions and history
➼ Page about Goddess Bridgid
➼ Imbolc symbols and colors
Imbolc crafts
➼ Imbolc activities
➼ Imbolc correspondences (plants, oil blend, and crystals)
➼ Imbolc foods
➼ Imbolc altar and decorations
➼ A page for notes and ideas


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