11 magical signs you might be a Cosmic Witch – Types of Witches Series

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Cosmic Witch loves astrology, zodiac, night sky and working with the Moon. Does this sound like you? If so, keep on reading and find out if Cosmic Witchery is a path for you!

Disclaimer: I don’t think you need to label yourself in your craft and in fact it might be a limiting practice. What I believe is that researching various types of witches helps to find your own, unique witchcraft path. This post is a simple guide and a fun way to learn more about different types of witches. Enjoy!

11 signs that you are a cosmic witch - types of witches

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1. You feel drawn to astrology

As a cosmic witch, one of the biggest topics in your studies is astrology.

The placement of celestial bodies teaches you a lot about yourself, other people, and situations that may occur.

You slowly start to understand the impact and meaning of other planets in our solar system.

Astrology has been used for many centuries and you feel great connecting to that old tradition.

Maybe at the beginning, everything seems so distant and difficult to grasp, but your determination leads you to more studies about celestial objects.

You may just begin your horoscope journey and maybe there are only a few things that pull you towards learning about zodiac signs, yet deep inside you know that this path of astrology is meant for you!

photo of zodiac - cosmic witch main interest

2. As a Cosmic Witch, you like to guess other people zodiac signs

Have you ever guessed someone else zodiac sign? Could you say who they are just by the way they present themselves, behave, and speak? You made a guess, and… you were right!

It just happens to you some times that you take a guess and you spot it perfectly. Sometimes it even works for guessing moon or ascendent sign too.

All it takes it’s a great bit of your intuition and some practice to understand specific traits of zodiac signs. And even if you’re just beginning that journey, you might find it a great way to practice your observatory skills. You never know who you might help by explaining more about astrology and your findings.

3. You try to use the alignment of planets in Magic

Did you know that certain days of the week have corresponding planets?

For a Crystal Witch, this is one of the first things she is learning on her path. She knows that each spell should have a specific timing.

You should do different kinds of magic when the moon is waxing, different when waining. The same goes for using moon signs and different types of celestial alignments such as eclipses.

There could be a whole post written about magickal timing. Nature have it all thought out and the main pagan holidays occur around important season changes.

Let me know which part of the year is your favorite!

using solar eclipse in magic

4. You love cosmic posters and space decor

Is there anything more beautiful and exciting than the vastness of the space?

Each Cosmic Witch loves the nebula pictures, galaxy paintings, and Milky Way photos. You might have dreamt about a moon lamp, cosmic tapestry, or galaxy projector for a long time.

If these are the gadgets that you’d love to have in your room, you are welcome in the Cosmic Witches Circle. We do adore the stars more than anything on the earth and try to bring their magic and mysticism into our lives.

Look at these great gift ideas for anyone interested in a Galaxy Vibe!

5. As a Cosmic Witch, you know about corresponding planets

Planets correspond not only with days of the week but also with hours of the days, plants, minerals, and different zodiac signs.

This knowledge has been mostly practiced by Alchemist converting plant material into healing mixtures. That field of Alchemy is called Spagyrics and it had been the base for modern pharmaceutic science.

It’s always good to find corresponding planets, to make elixirs that are more potent and strongly beneficial.

Below you can find a useful infographic about Days of the Week and their corresponding meaning and planets. Make good use of it, but always do your research and be confident about the materials you use.

days of the week correspondences in alchemy, magic and spagyrics

6. You might be a Starseed

Have you ever heard that term before?

It’s a New Age concept about people that souls come from different planet and constellations.

They might feel like outsiders, has trouble adapting to the social norms, and feel like they miss something that isn’t based on the Earth.

Sometimes Starseeds connect with their feeling of outer space. They can bring some memories or understanding of planets, stars, and galaxies around us.

Usually when you have the feeling of resonance with something is good to connect and meditate on that topic. You never know what answers might come to you!

crystal witch as a Starseed

7. As a Cosmic Witch you love working with the Moon

Moon has beautiful feminine energy. It is connected to the water element and our emotional states.

Many people practicing witchcraft use the power of that celestial body in their spellwork. Beautiful Moon Goddess shows us the monthly cycle of death and rebirth allowing us to work on different aspects of life during Moon Phases.

When the Moon is waxing, it’s a great time to do some manifestation and attraction work. On the Full Moon, you can try any kind of spell that is connected to abundance, fulfillment, beauty, or health. When the Moon starts waining, you can work on things that you need to let go of and banish from your life.

All is the matter of timing for a Cosmic Witch.

Working with moon phases in magic and alchemy, cosmic witch

8. You love star gazing and night walks (Cosmic Witch is more likely to be a night owl)

There is something beautiful about being a night owl. When everyone goes to sleep, in that quiet environment, you can finally get your thoughts organized and relaxed.

The night is great for long walks and stargazing. Time slows down, there are fewer people (if any), and you are mostly on your own with this peacefulness.

Use this time for your creative work, casting spells, reflection, journaling, meditation, or some simple, stretching exercises. Let the night be your cover, that you can fully trust and appreciate.

Are you a night owl?

are you a night owl - cosmic witch

9. As a Cosmic Witch, you would love to observe the universe with a telescope

Did you have a dream of owning a telescope when you were a kid? Or maybe you wanted to travel into space and be an astronaut?

If the night sky has always been pulling you towards exploring it, then you are most likely to be a Cosmic Witch.

Stars have fascinated people since the beginning of humankind. We were observing the changes that were occurring in the sky every day. We learned how to navigate by using Polaris light and told the stories about Stars Origins.

This long tradition has great use in Magick because by understanding the forces that govern the world around us, we can understand the energy that moves inside of us. As it has been said for many years: As above so below, as within so without.

galaxy, milky way stargazing

10. You love to learn a lot about outer space

Astrology, planets, astronomy, celestial bodies… these are the things that you just love diving deep into.

Your shelves are probably full of books about planets, stars, galaxies, moon magic, etc. The stones that you feel drawn to are of cosmic origins, like different types of meteorites or tektites (moldavite for example).

Even if it might feel overwhelming at the beginning, you try to understand more about our Solar System and how it impacts the living on our planet.

Always take your time and do whatever feels good for you at the moment. The right things will find you and guide your way with a synchronistic occurrence, just like it happens in the Universal Laws.

11. Your dream room decor has a lot of galaxy theme

As a Cosmic Witch, you just adore the pictures of stars, the Milky Way, galaxies, nebulas, and the Moon.

You are fascinated with dark, deep colors such as black, indigo or navy blue.

Maybe even some of your notebooks covers are in this galaxy theme.

Let me know in the comments about your favorite Cosmic Witch decorations!

9 Best books for a Cosmic Witch

  1. “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need” – Joanna Martine Woolfolk
  2. “The Stars Within You: A Modern Guide to Astrology” – Juliana McCarthy
  3. “Astrology for Real Life: A Workbook for Beginners” – Theresa Reed
  4. “Planetary Magick: Invoking and Directing the Powers of the Planets” – Melita Denning
  5. “Moon Magic: A Handbook of Lunar Cycles, Lore, and Mystical Energies” – Aurora Kane
  6. “Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want” – Diane Ahlquist
  7. “COSMIC WITCH: magic, witchcraft, and the supernatural” – Susan Demeter
  8. “The Sky Atlas: The Greatest Maps, Myths, and Discoveries of the Universe” – Edward Brooke-Hitching
  9. “What We See in the Stars: An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky” – Kelsey Oseid

I hope you did enjoy this post and that maybe you have found out if you are a Cosmic Witch. Let me know in the comments if there is something else you would like to add to that otherworldly list!


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