How to make Moon Water ✧ Best Moon Phases and Uses

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Every month our beautiful Luna the Satelite shines in her full capacity. This period is called the Full Moon and it’s a great time for all sorts of magic and spellcasting. In this post, you will discover what the Moon Water is, how to make your own, and what are its uses.

Let’s bring this lunar power into our magic practice!

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Moon Water ingridients:


As an element, water is cleansing, healing, connected to emotions, and psychic powers.

Water and moon energies are tightly connected and represent the feminine aspect of magic.

For the Moon Water, you should use clean, filtered, mineral, spring, or distilled water (depending on what do you want to use it for).


I would recommend using glass jars and bottles.

You can use stained glass with different colors and read about color attributes in magic.


To be honest, every phase of the moon is good for doing the Moon Water. It all depends on your ritual use and intention. Below you can find more information on that topic.


As I mentioned above, the Moon Water can be done at any moon phase. You could also have a look at the name and meaning of a specific Full Moon in different cultures.

The zodiac sign that the moon is currently transiting would also give you more insight about extra attributes of that timing.

Check what time is the moon rising that day. Ideally, you should put up your water when the Moon appears on the horizon and bring it back home before dawn.

But I leave it for your own adjustments.


  • Crystals are great to add to the Moon Water to bring extra potency and intention into your elixir. You can check this post to find out which crystals are safe to use in water.

  • Herbs and flowers add extra properties to your water. Always research them and make sure they are safe to use.

  • Fruit – who said you cannot make a Moon water lemonade? Add your favorite fruit and spices and soak them in the moonlight. Make sure to refrigerate and drink it quickly afterward.
moon rise

Moon Phases Meaning, Rituals and types of Magic

WAXING MOON (from new to full)

  • time for new beginnings,
  • manifesting and attracting things into your life,
  • health and healing,
  • psychic awareness,
  • beauty, love, and fertility
  • nourishment, growth, and rebirth,
  • making new projects and bringing new ideas
  • meeting people and building friendships,
  • nurturing and reaffirming intentions,
  • success and abundance,
  • charging talismans,
  • doing constructive magic (increase and building up)


  • It is the most potent time for any sort of magick, mostly to bring a positive outcome.
  • protection,
  • healing,
  • money,
  • travel,
  • purification,
  • love,
  • charging objects,
  • peace, dreams, and sleep,
  • psychic awareness,
  • making Full Moon Water,
  • Cleansing and charging crystals

WANING MOON (from full to new)

  • banishment of habits, addictions, disease and negative thoughts,
  • releasing old things from your life to make space for new ones,
  • introspection, going back over details
  • planning,
  • setting up protective shields,
  • doing destructive magic (ending and tearing down things)

DARK MOON (when the moon is not visible in the sky)

  • closure,
  • bringing things to full circle before new beginnings,
  • going inwards,
  • setting intentions,
  • meditation

NEW MOON (the first crescent appearing in the sky)

  • creating a plan,
  • exploring opportunities,
  • setting new intentions,
  • taking action,
  • self-development,
  • new beginnings,
  • new ideas,
  • new relationships,
  • any sort of growth
lake and the mountains, moon over water

How to make Moon Water

  1. Think about your intention. Pick up corresponding crystals and additional ingredients if you want a more potent version of water.
  2. Check the time of the Moon Rise in your location.
  3. Cleanse the space, ground your energy, visualize a protective circle, and meditate on your intention.
  4. Prepare a clean jar or a glass bottle. You can smoke cleanse it inside with the herbs of your choice. I like to use palo santo* for that matter, but if you happen to make your own smudge sticks, that’s gonna work perfectly as well.
    *I don’t want to go into a discussion about ethical matters of using different smudges. I’ll live this topic for another post.
  5. Pour the clean water into your container. It should be drinkable, distilled, mineral, or spring. You can place your hands over it to personalize and magnify your intention.
  6. When the Moon will start to rise, place the water container outside or on a window sill in a direct passage of moonlight. Make sure the lid is on, so no bugs will find a way in 😉
  7. Pick up your water the next morning before sunrise. You can store it for quite a long time (especially the distilled water), but if you want to make internal use of it, drink it within a few days.


how to make moon water

These are just a few simple guidelines for how to make a Moon Water. You can change and reframe your spell as you wish, choosing different moon phases and additional ingredients.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments and I will be happy to answer.

Would the Moonlight still charge items when it’s cloudy?

This is one of the most common questions when it comes to working with lunar power.

The answer is: YES!

The Moon works every day and every hour despite the weather. It brings different aspects to surface depending on its phase and zodiac sign it’s in. Of course, the direct moonlight is more mystical and powerful, yet look at the ocean tides – they always work, even if the moon is out of sight!

moon water and a lantern

Moon Water Uses

Drink it!

You can make a Moon Lemonade or a cup of tea, use it in your smoothie or a coffee. Drink it straight away and remember about your intention.

Magic works really funny. It’s like combining your personal power with the energy of different objects. It’s a long process before you’re able to know and understand various magical ingredients and timing, yet it’s always good to do your research and get creative.

Stay tuned for more magical spells and studies!

Use it for cleaning

You can add extra Moon Water to make a cleansing bath for your crystals and sacred tools. Always make sure that they like to contact with water first.

Another great thing to do is to make a Cleaning Spray. I would recommend using distilled Moon Water for that matter. Extra lavender or tea tree essential oil would make the mixture more antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral.

Add it to your Ritual Bath

Would you like to bring more of that Lunar Power into your life?

Treat yourself with a nice, relaxing bath. By adding Moon Water, you bring back the intention that you used when making it. It’s good to check all the corresponding ingredients that you can also use in the bath.

ritual full moon bath

Wash your face with it

You can use Moon Water to wash your face for a specific period of time.

For example, if you want to release the negative impact of aging, you can do this ritual for 3, 5, or 7 days when the moon is waning.

It’s important to use your intention accordingly to the moon phase (check above).

The other timing for bringing more youth would be during the waxing moon.

I hope you see the difference between these two intentions. Even though they speak about a similar outcome, their verbalization is different. One is releasing, another is bringing. Just like the dance of the moon.

Water your beloved plants with it

So simple!

And so witchy at the same time.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I had a lot of fun writing it and digging into the etheric realm of attained knowledge. As you will soon see, magick is omnipresent and it is your consciouss choice to tap into that subtle energy flow. I will do my best to bring you closer to discovering how this “magick” works. Post by post…

Some books that I used to create this post:

  1. “Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic” – Scott Cunningham
  2. “Earth Magic: A Dianic Book of Shadows” – Marion Weinstein
  3. “Witch’s Master Grimoire: An Encyclopaedia of Charms, Spells, Formulas and Magical Rites” – Lady Sabrina
  4. “Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard” – Oberon Zell-Ravenheart


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