How to Cast Circle in Magic and Witchcraft – 13 Methods of Circle Casting

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Not all witches cast circle before the ritual or spellwork, but it’s something worth trying for sure. Circle Casting is great to consider, especially when performing important spellwork or elaborate rituals that need focused and undisturbed intention.

The magical circle of protection acts like a barrier, or more so like a bridge between realities, allowing you to connect deeply with the spiritual world. 

Magic Circle protects your spiritual and energetic work from any harmful or disturbing energies that might interfere with your spells or rituals.

Additionally, you can express the strong intent that only energies, that have the highest well-being of all in mind, can enter that circle. 

circle casting with candles

13 Methods of Circle Casting:


You can imagine and visualize that you cast circle – a circle of protection, barrier, or sphere around you. You can visualize it with any color that you wish, but many practitioners visualize white-blue or golden light around them.


Working with tools that direct energy such as wand, athame, staff, or sword is commonly performed to cast circle. They are used to trace the sphere all around you, above, and below. They can also be used to draw a physical circle on the ground.


Instead of using a tool, you can cast circle with the forefinger of a dominant hand to open it and with non-dominant to close it (check instructions for more details).


Some practitioners like to create a physical circle on the ground. Salt is a great protective ingredient and can be used to cast circle of protection. When using salt, please don’t do it outdoors as it might damage the natural environment.

Another great method to try is to make a salt and water solution and paint a circle on the ground with it.


Similar to salt, you can place the crystals all around your sacred space while casting the circle. You can dedicate and consecrate a specific set of crystals for that purpose. Great ones are any protective crystals such as black tourmaline, black obsidian, or smoky quartz.

how to cast circle


Just like working with the crystals, you can also use shells, small toys, stones, or other objects that are consecrated specifically for creating a circle. You can keep them in a special bag and use them whenever you want to secure your magical workings.


Similar to the previous methods, the sacred circle can be traced with candles that you lit as a part of this ritual (moving clockwise to open a circle and snuffing the candles counterclockwise to close the circle). Please be careful when working with the fire and make sure your environment is safe to perform this method.


Another technique to cast circle can be done with the help of sacred smoke. You can use smoke bundles with herbs or incense that are corresponding with your intention. They are used to cleanse and prepare the sacred space and can be used in a similar way as the directing tool – to draw a circle around, as well as from above to below. 


Pentagrams or pentacles are symbols associated with protection. They can be drawn on the floor with salt, saltwater, with a directing tool, or marked with consecrated objects, such as stones or other items used specifically for this purpose.

pentacle or pentagram circle casting


If you work with any spirits or deities, you can have a special guardian of your sacred space each time you perform magic. You can invite them just before casting circle and ask them for protection and assistance. If you choose this method, please remember to keep a good relationship with them, leave offerings, and always be thankful for their help and protection.


Witch’s broom or besom can be used to cleanse and create a sacred space for performing magic. Sweeping the floor clockwise for opening and counterclockwise for closing.


You can combine walking around the circle with any other chosen method such as cleansing with smoke, using a finger to trace a circle, or placing little objects that mark your circle of protection.


Having a specific song or playlist that is solely used for creating a sacred atmosphere is another idea to try. You could also walk around using instruments such as drums, rattles, or bells to cleanse and prepare space for any magical workings.

how to cast circle with a wand

Circle Casting Step by Step

How to cast circle?

1. Before you start opening the circle spend a moment to ground and center your energy. Cleanse yourself and the surroundings. Prepare all the needed tools and materials, so you won’t have to leave the circle. If you are planning to have a longer ritual, bring some water to the circle in case you get thirsty.

2. By using your chosen method, you can start opening the circle. You can use a directing tool (wand, athame, or staff), or your finger from a projective (dominant) hand to “paint” the circle around you. Imagine tracing the sphere that surrounds you and your sacred space.

If you choose, place your consecrated objects on the ground. Move clockwise starting from east to south, to west, and to north tracing the circle with your tool and imagining the sacred space being created all around you.

Then trace another circle from below your feet to above your head. Visualize the color of your sacred barrier – some people like to see it as white-blue, fire-like, or another color that represents the magical circle for them.

3. If you wish, you can say certain words or chants such as “I cast this circle to create a sacred space. Only energies that work for the highest good of all can assist me in this circle. All the negative energy cannot cross it.” You can also call the quarters or any spirits to assist you with your work. (check out this video by Enigmatic Witchcraft by Stacy MaRie to learn more about calling the quarters).

4. After all the steps, visualize the circle as a secure sphere all around you (from above to below) – it acts like an energetic barrier that separates the mundane from magical work. Energetically, you should feel safe and positive about any work done in the magical circle.

5. If you need to leave the circle during a ritual for any reason, visualize opening the door in the energetic circle with a finger or wand. You can then seal the door back when you re-enter. 

6. Now you can perform your magic spell or ritual.

How to Release/Close the Circle

After finishing the magical work use your receptive (non-dominant) hand to close the circle. Move counterclockwise collecting any object if you used them to mark the circle. Thank all the present energies and release them to manifest the intention of your workings. 

Closing the circle indicates that the spell or ritual is complete.

I’d love to know if you cast circles before your rituals. Do you do it every time, or only when you are working on more difficult spellwork? What techniques do you use?

Let me know in the comments!

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