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Magic of I 2022 is one of the most beautiful astrology planners available this year. It features an extended astrology guide and all the planetary aspects for each day. The Magic of I planner has a luxurious feel and good quality recycled pages (with gilded edges).

I received the black version of the Magic of I 2022 planner in exchange for an honest review.

Magic of I 2022 planner - cover page

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Magic of I 2022 Specification

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Features: Moon Phases, Moon Planting Guide, Astrological Reference Guide, Planetary Correspondences, Planetary Days and Hours, Planetary Movements and Retrogrades, Monthly Goals and Intentions, Month at Glance, Weekly Goals, Weekly 7-day Planner, and more!

Timezones: PST (USA, Canada, Mexico, South America); CET (UK, Europe, Africa, Russia, Turkey, India); AEST (Australia, New Zeland, Asia)

Size: A5
Page count: 272
Paper: 110 GSM sustainable paper

photo of Magic of I 2022 planner

Magic of I is a really beautiful and informative Astrology and Moon Calendar 2022. It is suitable for all practitioners that would like to time their magic together with planetary movements and astrological times.

There are three time zones available that you can choose according to your location.

Magic of I Astrology Planner will suit any beginners or more advanced practitioners of the craft. There is a lot of pages that will explain how to use it and teach you all about various aspects of astrology.

It is the most accurate and informative Astrology Calendar in paper form, featuring all the daily Planetary Aspects, Moon Signs, and Void of Course.

Magic of I 2022 Flip Through Video

Magic of I Discount Code

Use the Magic of I discount code WITCHJOURNAL10 to get 10% off your order!

Magic of I 2022 as a Comprehensive Astrology Calendar

If you are looking for a planner that features all the daily aspects and planetary movements, Magic of I would likely meet your needs. It has beautiful and minimalistic feel with all the necessary information on Astrology for beginners as well as more advanced practitioners.

Additionally, you can use Magic of I as a Moon Calendar 2022. You can learn from it about planting according to the Moon, explanation on Moon Phases and their connection to Menstrual Cycle. There is also a beautiful short calendar with Moon Phases and their signs, where you can track your cycle by coloring the drops.

What I love about the Magic of I:

✦ A great quality recycled paper.
✦ Comprehensive information on Astrology and the Moon (34 pages).
✦ Plenty of space for setting 2022 Intentions in eight areas of life (16 pages).
✦ Each month at a glance with Full and New Moons, monthly themes, important astrological transits, and a beautiful floral illustration.
Monthly spread with moon signs, astrology aspects, and daily energies.
✦ Space for notes (monthly goals and intentions + weekly goals & actionable steps).
✦ Minimalistic weekly spread (with planetary aspects, Moon sign & energies of each day).
✦ One page for each: the New and Full Moon of the month.

What could be improved:

✦ I’d love to see the time when the Moon changes signs.
✦ It’s my personal preference, but I’d like to use thinner lines for each day or blank space instead (so I could write more notes).

photo of Magic of I 2022 planner - monthly overview

Magic of I 2022 as a Guide for Learning Astrology

Magic of I Planner comes with over 30 pages of information on various astrology topics, such as Moon Phases, Zodiac Signs, Four Elements, Planets reference guide, Astrology Houses, explanation of Astrological Aspects, Eclipses, and more!

A new addition to the Magic of I 2022 planner is the Moon Planting Guide that will help you to maintain your garden under the impact of lunar energies.

There is also a page on Planetary Days and Hours, which is super helpful when timing magical practice (such as setting intentions, performing spells, or rituals).

I cannot wait to put all this astrological knowledge into practice together with the Magic of I planner. The information provided in the calendar is great for anyone wishing to learn more about Astrology and to lead a more intentional life.

What could be improved:

✦ I know the primary function of Magic of I is to be a planner and that there is already a lot of astrology information provided, yet I’d love to see a page for each month with their main Zodiac (Sun) sign explained in more detail. That would be a great addition to someone who wishes to explore the astrology signs broadly with the general themes of each Zodiac signs.

photo of Magic of I 2022 planner - monthly spread

How to use Magic of I 2022 Planner

Each one of us has a different need and use for a planner. Some of us like to plan work, others school, or projects, or even magical workings. Magic of I 2022 planner will be amazing for any function you want to give it! It can become your support in leading a more meaningful life according to the celestial bodies and various planetary and moon cycles.

The first thing I can recommend when you purchase the Magic of I planner (with the “witchjournal10” discount code!) is to read through the first informational pages. After that, you will have a general idea of how you can utilize all the amazing details provided in it.

To make our life easier, the creators of the Magic of I feature the optimum times for each day. This is a daily guide of celestial energies and general guidance for that time. With that on our side, we can plan our activities during the most optimum timing.

I plan to use Magic of I 2022 planner as a daily journal where I’m going to reflect on the gratitude and things I’m thankful for. It will be my personal guide for more abundant life in tune with the celestial energies. Additionally it is an irreplaceable tool for scheduling magical workings and intentions so they can work in our favor.

How would you like to use the Magic of I planner?

photo of Magic of I 2022 planner - weekly spread

Where to buy Magic of I 2022 planner

If Magic of I seems like a perfect astrology calendar for you, check out their beautiful website. Apart from the planners, you can also find there lovely journals and stickers.

The Magic of I brand cares about the planet and gives 1% for reforestation!

Follow Magic of I on Instagram!

A @magic_of_i you can follow Magic of I creators and learn more about Astrology!

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