How to Make a Money Spell Jar in 5 Simple Steps

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Today I would share with you a Simple Money Spell Jar that works.

This is a great spell jar to try if you are struggling with financial abundance and prosperity, or you want to manifest some quick money into your life.

Spell jars are a great tool for bringing change into our lives.

They can help with creating a shift in the mindset and enchanting the environment to work in our favor.

Although this spell jar will help you manifest some cash, you need to be careful of your motives and underlying values.

Photo of money - Money Spell Jar that works 100 guarantee

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Money Spell Jar Ingredients

For this simple Abundance Spell Jar, you will need a little glass jar with a lid, and 8 additional money spell jar ingredients corresponding with money intention.

I used Pyrite crystal, a little piece of Gold, Basil, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Mint, Cloves, and a piece of Ginger, yellow, green, or golden wax for sealing the jar, brown paper for writing a petition, green and golden pens for writing, yellow, green, or golden String, 8 golden colored beads, and lighter or matches.

If you don’t have all the ingredients, you can work with what you have, or substitute with things that correspond with money, wealth, and abundance intention.

If you want to find out about other Money crafts or ingredients corresponding with Money, Prosperity, and Abundance, you can download a 14-page Book of Shadows bundle that will help you create personal Prosperity Spells that work.

Powerful Money Spell Jar Ingredients
  1. Little Glass with a lid

    Since this is a Money Spell Jar, you need a little glass jar, to put this spell into work. You can repurpose any of the glass jars that you have, or purchase a bunch of little glass jars for later use.
  2. Pyrite Crystal

    Pyrite is a great gemstone to use for Money Magic. Traditionally it is known as the Fool’s Gold and has projective and active energy. Pyrite is used for drawing in Wealth, Money, and in Luck spells.
  3. A piece of Gold

    Gold is one of the precious metals that is a great addition to the Money Spell Jar. I used a broken piece of my earring, but any type of gold (or even something of a gold color) will work.
  4. Basil

    Basil is known for bringing money and wealth into our lives. It can be used in any type of Money spellwork or dressing green candles to work with this intention.
  5. Chamomile

    Chamomile has been long associated with the power of the Sun and attracting money. To add an extra boost to your magical working, you can wash your hands in the chamomile infusion before working on the Money Spell Jar.
  6. Cinnamon

    Cinnamon rises vibration and quickens this Powerful Money Spell Jar results. It is associated with the fire element and produces protective energy around your spellwork.
  7. Mint

    Mint is a great ingredient to add to your money spell. It helps to attract riches and can be also kept in a purse or wallet to work its magic.
  8. Cloves

    Cloves, like the rest of these magical money ingredients, attract wealth and drive away negative energies.
  9. Ginger

    Ginger is an effective herb that raises the energies, quickens the result of spellwork, and ensures the success of our magic. It is long associated with money and abundance work, and can also be added to any kitchen magic for this purpose.
  10. Yellow, Green, or Golden Candle

    Yellow, Green, and Gold colors are associated with Money and Abundance. We will need some wax of this color for sealing the money spell jar.
  11. A piece of brown paper for writing the petition

    A natural piece of brown paper, that is torn (not cut) is usually used for writing the magical petition.
  12. Green or Golden color pen

    Again, using the corresponding colors of green and gold for writing our petition.
  13. Yellow, Green, or Golden String

    We are going to use two pieces of string to make two knots on our petition and create a little charm with beads for tying around the money spell jar.
  14. 8 golden colored beads

    For this spell, I decided to use 8 golden beads. The number 8 is associated with money, success, and abundance. If you want to create a money spell jar that works, every little detail matters.
  15. Lighter or Matches

    We’re gonna need a lighter or matches to melt the wax and seal our money spell jar.

* Make sure that you use dried ingredients. They can be in the form of spices, teas, or dried herbs from your garden.

* If you don’t have some of these ingredients readily at hand, you can download this Book of Shadows bundle to check other herbs, crystals, and symbols that correspond with Money intention.

Photo of money intention  - Money Spell Jar that works 100 guarantee

Money Spell Jar Timing

The best time to perform magic for Money, Prosperity, and Abundance is during the waxing or full moon, especially in the zodiac sign of Taurus, on Thursday or Sunday, During the planetary hours of Sun or Jupiter.

To find out the planetary hours, you can check this website.

Magical timing can be beneficial for the overall success of our spells. Each magical intention has its perfect timing that will help with the success of our spellwork.

Money Spell Jar Intention

To guarantee the success of your money spell jar, you need to have a specific intention ready.

The best type of intention/petition is to write it in the present tense (as if it’s already true). Write something that brings you positive feelings, and is measurable (so you will know that your money spell jar has worked).

My specific intention for this money spell jar was “By the end of October 2021, I have 3000 dollars in my account.

From then you can create a sigil, that represents your specific intention. You can also add some symbols of currencies that you want to attract to your life.

If you want to learn more about creating sigils, join our Witch Community, where we have a great article about sigils, and you can also get the support of other practitioners to guide you in your witchcraft journey.

Money Spell Jar Recipe in 5 Simple Steps

Now that we have talked about all the important parts of this Money Spell Jar, we can start our spell work.

If you wish to follow along, you can watch this video for some visual guidance.

  1. Collect in one place all of the Money Spell Jar ingredients that are listed above.

    Cleanse yourself, the space, and all of the materials. You can do a quick meditation that will help you ground yourself and raise the vibration.
  2. Cast the circle (if you wish so). Invite all the positive energies, spirits, or deities that might help you with performing your money spell jar.
  3. Place all the ingredients in the jar. When you put each of them, you can imagine their energies infusing this spell with power, success, abundance, and ensuring fast results.

    When everything is inside the jar, spend a moment to visualize yourself having the money you want. See yourself enjoying your abundant life, and feel how it is to have that money.

    What you are going to do with it? What this money help you achieve? At this point, you can also say a simple prayer, chant or repeat an affirmation that works for you the best.
  4. Now it’s time to seal the jar with wax.

    Light the candle or a piece of wax and drip it onto the money spell jar. Make sure your intention and all of the energies are beautifully sealed in this magic spell and they will work fast to bring your results.
  5. Thread all 8 beads through the piece of string and wrap it around the money spell jar. Make two knots at the end and… voila! Your personal Money Spell Jar is ready. You can now close the circle and thank all the present energies.

When you are waiting for the results of your spellwork, make sure to enchant your environment.

Do little things that will open the door for opportunity and let the Universe know that you are willing to work and welcome this abundance in your life.

This can be something like starting a side job, saving a bit of money each week, learning how to better manage your spending, or simply being grateful for all the blessings that come to you each day.

After the money spell jar has worked its magic, you can open it, and bury the organic ingredients in the ground. After cleansing, you can repurpose the crystal, metals, beads, and jar.

Photo of money jar spell - Money Spell Jar that works 100 guarantee

How did this Money Spell Jar work for you?

Let us know in the comments if your money spell jar has worked its magic and how you feel about doing these types of spells!

If you have any questions regarding ingredients or methods, write a comment and I will do my best to provide you some extra guidance.

Money Intention Book of Shadows Pages

Book resources for Money Spellwork

“Practical Prosperity Magick” – Ellen Dugan
“Wealth Magick: The Secrets of Extreme Prosperity” – Damon Brand
“Money Magic” – Deborah L. Price
“The Witch’s Coin: Prosperity and Money Magick” – Christopher Penczak 
“Manifestation Magic” – Elohim Leafar 
“Financial Sorcery” – Jason Miller
“7 Occult Money Rituals” – Henry Archer 
“Magickal Cashbook” – Damon Brand

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