Best Spell Jar for Focus + 15 Witchcraft Ideas on How to Focus Better

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Focus is an important part of witchcraft practice. Today I’m going to share an amazing spell jar for focus that you can make with simple ingredients. In the first section you will be introduced to a concept: how to stay focused and then presented with 15 witchcraft tips on how to focus better while performing magic (or studying).

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What is Focus?

The term focus (plural foci) comes from Latin “hearth; fireplace; fire; flame; center; central point” (book “the House Witch” ). This helps us to understand focus as something central, something very important, something that maintains the energy within our lives. 

Focus is not only important for studying and schoolwork but has tremendous importance when it comes to all areas of our lives. Nowadays we have a society with an extremely short attention span and in order to make it better, we need to train the ability to focus.

Focus is closely connected to attention. Attention means noticing, observing, and taking into account.

Focus can be also understood as an intention, the aim or goal of our work. 

Without these three elements: focus, attention, and intention we live our lives aimlessly not able to bring any ideas and results to fruition. 

This might result in unsatisfying jobs, low income, unhappy relationships, and potentially even psychological problems.

In this article, you will learn how to improve your focus and finally get your life together and live the life that you truly deserve. You will also get a recipe for the best Spell Jar for Focus that you can use as a simple reminder and focal point of your work or study.

Watch this Spell Jar for Focus Video

How to stay focused?

  • Use the Pomodoro technique – Set up a timer for 20 minutes and spend it solely on one task and 100% focused work. After the time of intense action – take a break. Slowly increase your focus time up to 50 minutes of productive and constant workflow.
  • Play instrumental music – Choose one of the focus and concentration music available on youtube or Spotify. My recent favorite is this one on Spotify.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle – Have a nutritious diet, good sleep hygiene, and exercise in the fresh air. 
  • Prepare your working/studying space – Before tapping into the concentrated flow state, air the room, organize your desk and sit up comfortably in a chair.
  • Minimalize distractions – turn off your mobile notifications and close unused tabs and windows on your computer. Make sure that no one is going to disturb you during the focus time.
  • Do breathing techniques or mindfulness practice in between work – Try 15 minutes of daily meditation practice, maybe do a couple of yoga poses (especially inverted ones to increase the brain circulation), or some breathing exercises.
  • Go for a walk – If you feel constantly distracted and absent-minded, a walk is a great thing to do. It can bring new ideas, minimalize stress and frustration, and get you out of the rut if you feel like you’re simply cant’s focus.
spell jar for focus - how to focus better

Why can’t I focus?

You might have difficulties focusing because of an unbalanced lifestyle.

Try to eliminate processed foods, white sugar*, excessive stimulants* (such as caffeine), and limit your screen time.

Instead try to go for daily walks, eat more nutritious foods (especially rich in omega 3s and magnesium), hydrate, and get 8 hours of good quality sleep each night.

* While certain stimulants such as sugar and caffeine can help you stay focused in the short run, it’s not ideal to rely on those types of additions and try to keep a balanced diet instead.

photo of a yoga pose: spell jar for focus - how to focus better

15 Witchcraft Ideas on How to Focus Better

  1. Use essential oils – Make the Focus Essential Oil Blend from the recipe below and use it while studying or doing intentional practice.
  2. Burn focus herbal smoke bundle or incense – Certain herbs can be turned into a lovely herbal smoke that will help you to concentrate. Try using Frankincense, Rosemary, or Lemongrass.
  3. Carry some crystals for focus – Pick up a couple of crystals for focus from the list below and wear them as a necklace or set them up on your desk when you study. My favorite one is purple fluorite and it’s been long associated with mental clarity, focus, and concentration.
  4. Make a herbal tea for focus – Mix equal parts of Peppermint, Lemon Balm, and Tulsi (Holy Basil) to make an amazing herbal tea for focus. Brew a teaspoon of this herbal mix in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes and drink before studying or working to increase your focus.
  5. Meditate daily – Meditation is scientifically known to improve memory, concentration, and focus due to an increase in the thickness of the hippocampus in your brain. To aid in meditation you can try visualization techniques, repeating mantras or affirmations, breathing meditation, counting, or guided meditation. You can also focus on one visual aspect which is called yantra in Sanscrit.
  6. Connect with nature – Daily walks and fresh air help to improve the ability to focus. Try to spend some time outside, especially in places full of trees – such as forests or parks.
  7. Cleanse and protect your aura – Practicing regular cleansing and protection techniques will help you stay in tune with your personal energies. It will also prevent energy drainage and negativity buildup. Try to have a daily cleansing practice that will reset your energy and help start a day with a fresh mental state.
  8. Make a focus bath ritual – Using certain essential oils, herbs, and crystals, you can prepare a Focus Bath Ritual that will enhance your ability to concentrate. Use Rosemary, Lemons, and Peppermint, and add some Epsom salt to bring more relaxation before studying or doing other work that demands your undisturbed focus.
  9. Have a designated place for your focused work – For example an altar for magic practice, your desk for studying, kitchen countertop for kitchen magic, etc. Doing things in a ritual place helps to associate this place with a specific task and will bring you into the desired state of mind much quicker.
  10. Practice grounding and centering – Being grounded, centered, and present means being aware of our personal energies and the way we can influence them for our benefit. 
  11. Use candles as a focal point – It is an amazing reminder that we cannot be distracted when lighting a candle. This can be extended further by anointing the candle with a focus on essential oil blend, inscribing words, and meditating a minute or two on the outcome.
  12. Cast a circle to focus your mind and energy – As a witch, you are most likely familiar with the idea of a magic circle. It is a sacred place where you gather your energy during a spell or ritual. Magic circles act as a barrier that prevents the outer energies to interfere with your practice. You can include the circle whenever you need better focus and designate that time solely for doing one task: such as studying, reading, or working on a specific project.
  13. Have one intention at a time – As human beings, we are not able to successfully multitask. When you are working on increasing your focus, you should always have one intention in mind. This will allow you for better focus, concentration, and thus results of your work.
  14. Use words to verbalize your intent – Speaking out loud is the best way to focus on one thing. This can be used in a matter of spellcasting, as well as during studying. There is no better way to learn something than to teach it to someone else, even if it’s just for practice in front of the mirror.
  15. Ring a bell – Specific sounds can be used as a shortcut for our mind to know that this time is designated for focused work. You might use a physical bell, or try the app called InsigthTimer which allows you to choose various bells for meditation timer. This can work wonders with the Pomodoro technique, so I encourage you to give it a try.
photo of a brown eye: spell jar for focus - how to focus better

5 Best Crystals for Focus, Concentration, and Studying

  • CarnelianCarnelian is a stone of Sacral Chakra that is connected with creativity, concentration, and personal will to manifest something. It can be successfully used during extensive study and time when we need extra focus. Carnelian will energize you and boost your mental powers to their full potential.
  • CitrineCitrine is a crystal that will give you a boost when you feel like giving up. Use it when you are overwhelmed with the work you have to do. To quickly get some motivation, keep it in a non-dominant hand for 3 minutes while visualizing the powerful energy entering your body.
  • Fluorite – Fluorite is one of the most recommended crystals for focus. Place it on your desk and let it be a reminder of a motivated and undisturbed mind. The best would be to get one of these awesome Fluorite Owls as a real, physical reminder to stay focused.
  • Hematite – Hematite has a large amount of metal content that will help you with grounding into productive work. Hold a hematite crystal whenever you feel like you can’t focus or wear it as a bracelet.
  • SodaliteSodalite is a crystal of intuition and mental powers. You can wear an enchanted Sodalite pendant to be reminded of your goal. This crystal will help you to become more productive and intentional with your study or work.
photo of fluorites: spell jar for focus - how to focus better

9 Best Herbs for Focus Witchcraft

  • Basil – Add Basil to your food when trying to have more focus during the day. You can also make Holy Basil (Tulsi) tea which is an amazing drink for concentration, memory, and studying.
  • Bergamot – Drink Earl Grey tea with Bergamot oil in it to fully use the power of your focused mind.
  • Cacti – Place a cacti plant on your desk to maintain sharp and undisturbed focus.
  • Caraway – Make some food with Caraway, or add it to your magic sachet or spell for better mental clarity and motivation.
  • Cinnamon – Cinnamon sparks creativity and helps you to stay actively concentrated on one task at a time. Diffuse it in a room to lift the spirit while studying.
  • Lemon Balm – Lemon Balm helps to relax while staying alert at the same time. Use it when you get stressed about your work, overwhelmed by studying, or need extra mental clarity.
  • Peppermint – This refreshing herb helps to become more alert and absorbed into the task. Use peppermint tea before studying or during the time when you need to focus better.
  • Rosemary – Rosemary is a favorite herb of students as it helps with memory and remembering things you learn. Diffuse it when you are learning, and then use some diluted oil on your skin during the exam to help you remember all the things you’ve learned.
  • Walnut – Walnuts are the best snack you can munch while studying. They contain healthy fatty acids, especially Omega 3s, that maintain good brain health and cognitive functions.
infographic; herbs for focus and study + crystals for focus

Focus Essential Oil Blend

You can use this Focus Essential Oil Blend to massage on your wrists, behind the ears, or on your temples while trying to focus. This oil can also be used for anointing candles and in a diffuser.

Focus Essential Oil Blend #1

* Disclaimer: I recommend using organic oils, as otherwise, they might contain toxic substances that are harmful to our bodies and the planet (and totally miss the point of using Essential Oils in the first place).

Mix all the ingredients in a 10 ml dropper bottle or roll-on.

Focus Essential Oil Blend #2

Mix all the ingredients in a 10 ml dropper bottle or roll-on.

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Spell Jar for Focus, Concentration, and Studying

This Spell Jar recipe is made to improve concentration, focus, and attention span.

You can place it on the desk while you work or study, keep it in your hands while meditating, bring it to your school or university (for example in a pencil case), or place it on the altar if your intention is to have a better focus while performing magick.

Spell Jar for Focus: Timing

It is best to do this spell jar on Wednesday during Waxing or Full Moon. Optionally when the Moon is in the zodiac sign of Virgo.

* This timing is just a suggestion. You can perform this spell whenever you need to and it’s best suitable for you.

Spell Jar for Focus, Concentration, and Studying

This Spell Jar recipe is made to improve concentration, focus, and attention span.
You can place it on the desk while you work or study, keep it in your hands while meditating, bring it to your school or university (for example in a pencil case), or place it on the altar if your intention is to have a better focus while performing magick.


  • Small Jar
  • Paper for Petition
  • Pen
  • Yellow Candle



  • Rosemary
  • Walnut
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon Balm
  • Cinnamon


  • Small Fluorite
  • Clear uartz (optional)
  • Sodalite (optional)


  • Cleanse the space and yourself (learn more about spiritual cleansing here). Also, cleanse all the ingredients for any negative or residue energy.
  • Ground yourself and center your energies.
  • Cast the circle. Choose one of the methods from this article.
  • Make the spell jar for focus. With your full intention place all the ingredients inside. Write down the sigil (check the idea below) and put it inside too.
  • Meditate a minute or two on your spell jar. Visualize yourself being focused and concentrated.
  • Seal the spell jar with yellow wax.
  • Open the circle and release the energies.
  • Ground yourself with some food or a nice barefoot walk in nature.


You can find almost all the ingredients in your local store. For small crystals and crystal chips, I recommend checking Etsy. Small bottles can be found on Amazon or Etsy too, but you can successfully repurpose some of the jars you have at home.
photo of a spell jar for focus and sigil

I hope you enjoyed making this Spell Jar for Focus. Let me know in the comments what other Spell Jars recipes would you like to see next and make sure to sign up for the newsletter to be informed of the new Witcharft and learning material.

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