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It’s all written in the sky!

In this article, you can choose your favorite Moon Calendar 2023 or Astrology Calendar 2023 from the special picks of the author.

Each description will provide you with information on Moon Calendar with phases, different Astrology Aspects, Full Moon Schedule, Astrology Signs, and more.

How to choose the Moon Calendar 2023?

Astrology transits and moon phases are an important part of witchcraft. You can use them to plan your magical workings according to celestial energies. Here is a list from which you can choose your favorite witch, astrology, and moon calendar 2023.

I selected these unique planners so you could find your next favorite moon calendar 2023. They are beautifully designed, have great information, and will allow you to step up your magic with appropriate timing.

The moon calendar is a perfect way to improve your magic skills. It gives you the opportunity to learn about and plan for different phases of the moon, which will help you cast better spells. You can purchase these planners online and support small brands and creators.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, well-designed moon calendar that will provide you with useful information, look no further than these planners. They are perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about moon magic and astrology.

Moon Calendar 2023 - Best picks

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links that allow me to earn a small commission from purchases you make at no extra cost to you!

Magic of I Planner 2023

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Features: Moon Phases, Moon Planting Guide, Astrological Reference Guide, Planetary Correspondences, Planetary Days and Hours, Planetary Movements and Retrogrades, Monthly Goals and Intentions, Month at Glance, Weekly Goals, Weekly 7-day Planner, and more!

Magic of I Planner - Moon Calendar 2023

Timezones: PST (USA, Canada, Mexico, South America); CET (UK, Europe, Africa, Russia, Turkey, India); AEST (Australia, New Zeland, Asia)

Format: book planner
Size: A5
Page count: 280
Paper: 110 GSM sustainable paper

Magic of I planner is one of the most beautiful and informative Astrology and Moon Calendar 2023. It is suitable for everyone that would like to time their work together with planetary movements and astrological times.

There are three time zones available that you can choose according to your location.

Magic of I Planner will suit any beginners or more advanced practitioners of the craft. There are a lot of pages that will explain how to use it and teach you all about various aspects of astrology.

It is the most accurate and informative Astrology Calendar in paper form, featuring all the daily Astrological Aspects, Moon Sign, and Void of Course.

Magic of I Planner 2023 has an Astro-mycology theme and will suit all mushroom lovers and cottagecore witches.

PS. Read my 2022 Magic of I Planner Review and see the flip-through video.

AquariesAstro – Moon Calendar 2023 & Astrology Calendar 2023

Until the end of November 2022, you can buy these calendars with a 20% discount!

Features: Wall Calendar with Moon Phases, Moon Signs for each day, Information about the Zodiac, Moon Void of Course, Retrograde Planets, and more

Astrology Calendar 2023

Timezones: Central American Time (UTC -6) and Central European Time (UTC 0:00)

Format: wall calendar
Size: 31х48 cm
Page count: 14

AquariesAstro is a Bulgarian brand made by Snezhana and Militsa. The calendars and planners they made are truly beautiful, aesthetic, and practical.

There are two English versions of Wall Calendar:

  • Moon Calendar 2023 features beautiful artwork, Moon Phases in Zodiac Signs, and pages with helpful information.
  • Astrology Calendar 2023 features the Moon Zodiac Sign for each day, Moon Void of course, Retrograde planets, and the best astrological times for events such as skin, hair, garden, etc.

CosmicValeria – Moon Journal 2023

Features: Pages for reflections and goals settings, Full Moon names and stories, Gratitude List, Monthly Overview, Mercury Retrograde, beautiful decorations, and more!

Moon Witch - Moon Calendar 2023

Timezones: UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

Format: book planner
Size: A5
Page count: 250

Moon Journal 2023 is a great planner for every Moon Witch out there.

It has extra cute illustrations all throughout the planner and plenty of space to write daily logs. With this artsy moon calendar 2023, you will be able to follow the moon phases and plan your life according to them.

Wonderland Dateless Planner by The Quirky Cup Collective

Features: Monthly Spreads, Vertical Weekly Spreads, Weekly Affirmations, Moon Calendar 2023, Self Care List, Goal Setting, Adult Reminders, Letters to Future & Past Self, and more…

Wanderland Dateless Planner

Format: book planner
Size: A5 Size (14.8 x 21 x 2.5cm)
Page count: not specified
Paper: 120GSM

Wanderland Dateless Planner is designed in Australia by Sydonie.

It takes you to the wonderland as promised. It features pages for planning and reflection and has a magical theme all through.

On the official website, there are also two color versions of the Wonderfully Ordinary Planner 2023: black and green.

The Quirky Cup Collective is undoubtedly one of the most magical and witchy brands online.

Cosmoplanner – Mercury and Moon Calendar 2023

A tree is Planted for every planner sold!

Features: Moon Phases, Mercury Cycles, Seasonal Tips, Wheel of the Year, Monthly Review, Daily Habit Tracker, Weekly Gratitude, New and Full Moon Blessings, Information Pages (Moon Cycles, Void of Course Moon), Planning for the Year, Monthly (Tips, Seasonal Ideas, Foods, Review, Journaling Space, Tracker), Weekly (Type of Energy, Gratitude, Moon Phases, Void of Course Moon), and more!

Cosmoplanner - Moon Calendar 2023

Timezone: UTC/GMT time zone. Northern Hemisphere.

Size: A5
Page count: 240
Paper: sustainable paper

Cosmoplanner comes in two versions – New Moon and Full Moon. The Full Moon edition has additional ribbons, an elastic band, and a back pocket.

It will work perfectly as a Mercury and Moon Calendar 2023. Cosmoplanner has information pages that explain the Moon Phases and Mercury Cycle in great detail. There is a lot of space for personal planning and goal-setting.

The design of Cosmoplanner reminds me of a night sky: with a beautiful cosmic blue and gold color palette. It will suit someone that wants to explore the unique paths of Moon and Mercury Magic.

PS. Read my Cosmoplanner 2022 Review on the blog and see the flip-through video.

The Astral Planner 2023 – Daily Astrological Planner

Features: Daily planner pages, monthly spreads, Zodiac Archetypes, Brief history of Astrology, Planetary influences of the days of the week, tips on seasonal living, and plenty of space for soulful writing and planning.

The Astral Planner 2023

Timezones: not specified

Format: book planner
Size: 7.5” in x 10.25” in (19 cm x 26 cm)
Page count: 396 pages
Paper: 50 lb (75 gsm)

The Astral Planner is designed to help you live in alignment with the natural cycles of Earth and other planets. It combines astrological knowledge with a modern look.

It has plenty of space for daily agendas, morning and night rituals, meetings, appointments, budget planning, seasonal prompts, and a place for reflections.

There is a whole section dedicated to the life and career organizing such as monthly spreads and overview pages. In a soulful section, you will find pages on self-care, seasonal living, the Zodiac, Astrology, 2023 Full Moons, the spiritual meaning of Moon phases, and much more!

From my extensive research into various forms of Moon Calendar 2023, I can truly say this one seems the most functional and covers many pages for organized living.

Moon Agenda 2023 – ArtByMirjamDeRuiter

Use the discount code STARSIGNLOVER to get 10% off your order!

Features: Weekly and monthly spreads, colorful pages with illustrations, Zodiac Woman art for each month, explanation of Moon Phases, and pages for journaling.

Moon Agenda - Moon Calendar 2023

Format: book planner
Size: A5
Page count: 168
Paper: 160grams

Moon Agenda is a perfect Moon Calendar 2023 for a creative person that admires beautiful artwork. It will hold your important appointments and lists in a colorful setting.

The planner features colorful weekly and monthly spreads, pages for notes, and monthly Zodiac Woman illustrations.

By choosing the 2023 Moon Agenda you support a small creator from the Netherlands.

The Witch’s Daily Planner by StarsWhoListen

Features: Daily planning, Manifestation, Sabbats, Moon rituals, Notes, Monthly plans, and more.

The Witch's Daily Planner - Moon Calendar 2023

Timezones: not specified

Format: book planner
Size: 6” in x 9” in (15 cm x 23 cm)
Page count: 300+ pages

Witch Daily Planner features planning sections that every witch would be happy about. You can find in it daily and monthly planning, some places for notes, and guided pages for manifesting, goals, sabbats, moon rituals, and more.

By purchasing Daily Witch’s Planner you support a small business from the UK.

Download Free Moon Calendar 2023 Printable PDF

moon calendar 2023 printable pdf
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